REPORT: Docs May Have Had Payroll Info On US Spies

We are learning that the DOJ had video recordings of the storage area that caused them a lot of concern.  We see that these documents are very valuable to a foreign government.    Imagine the damage to nation security this information about who is a spy could cause.   The fact that trump is this careless with national secrets of the highest level really shows he shouldn’t ever have been president and must never be again.   Nor should any of his maga supporters in any elected office at any level.   It is well known that trump is in money troubles and that he faces over 600 million dollars of loans coming due this next year.   How much would any government give him for the spy information or the nation’s nuclear secrets?   Hugs

Newsweek reports:

In pursuing the unprecedented search of Donald Trump’s residence on Monday, the FBI was seeking to retrieve Top Secret and “compartmented” documents dealing with intelligence “sources and methods,” two federal government sources tell Newsweek—documents with the potential to reveal U.S. intelligence sources, including human sources on the American government payroll.

This greatly complicates any public discussion of the documents or any substantiation of Trump’s potential violation of U.S. law. The sources, who were briefed on the investigation, requested anonymity in order to discuss sensitive information.

Read the full article.

olandp • 3 hours ago

He never worked for the American people, he works for the highest bidder.

BlondeAmbitionn olandp • an hour ago

The thing that pisses me off is that Garland (and Biden) knew he had these docs and wasted months negotiating with that mfer to get them back.

j.martindale • 2 hours ago

I read where tRump threatened Garland, saying he was making some of tRump’s friends very angry. Literally mob-like threats. He has all kinds of knowledge that he can use to blackmail the government and keep them from prosecuting him. He is the biggest threat to our democracy in American history.

Gustav2 j.martindale • 2 hours ago

I’ve thinking for a while he took them as a protection from being prosecuted.

rednekokie • 2 hours ago

It goes without saying that he only had those documents in order to sell them to the highest bidder, no matter who that might be.

Statistics Palin rednekokie • 31 minutes ago

It is also possible the lists included FBI informants on domestic terrorism/insurgency. – informants on Trump’s blow buddies.

DirtyPierre • 3 hours ago

It looks like Russia has seen the nuclear documents, or so they claim

Boreal DirtyPierre • 2 hours ago

Trump was probably shopping these docs while he was still in office.

Fearsome Beard Boreal • 2 hours ago

No doubt that he hasn’t been shopping potential access to them since before he was elected.

Dreaming Vertebrate • 2 hours ago

The Russians have been grooming Spanky for forty years.
Putin: Jackpot!

kcken • 2 hours ago

I know he’s a shit bag and a nasty individual, but this… this level of espionage shocked and saddened me. At this point I don’t know why I’m shocked, but I’m definitely sad…

What a fucking shit bag.

Buford kcken • 2 hours ago

What’s worse is the 30% of the country defending him… declaring that serial liar Trump has more credibility that the entirety of the US government’s national security and intelligence apparatus.

They rest easy in the comfort of that security while they cheer Trump’s attempts to tear it all down.

Rocco • 3 hours ago

Here’s hoping he finally gets held accountable for his malfeasance…🤞

BigYear1987 • 3 hours ago

This will get real ugly real quick. Most Republicans backed themselves in a corner, and actually do not support treason. But their lip flapping and now the evidence is going to put them in a quandary, and just before the midterms. Which is always a good thing.

Trump possibly could’ve had foreign powers look at those documents or he could’ve transmitted those documents to foreign powers. This is the very definition of treason.

If the Democrats are smart, and they usually are not, this would be the question they would ask their constituents. Is it OK to support a candidate who commits treason? There will always be the few who do. But the majority will not.

3 thoughts on “REPORT: Docs May Have Had Payroll Info On US Spies

  1. IMO, the BIG question in all this is … is the slippery eel going to (once again) get away with all this? Although from all reports, it doesn’t look at all likely, Nevertheless, one has to admit that his history of avoiding consequences is legend.

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    1. Hello nan. I agree. He and his allies wouldn’t be going to the desperate lengths that they are if he could just wave this away. If he could bully his way out of it like he did the New York case that looked so strong against him, but the new DA caved after being attacked in the media. Pure cowardice. But this is national security and it is coming out he did stuff against national security while in office he could get away with doing because he was president. He has never accepted the loss of the power / authority that comes with being president. He had it, he loved it, he craves it, and he in his reality still has it. It goes with his idea he is above any laws / rules and do what ever he wants. There are no rules on DJT.

      But this time he is not in power and the things he did are among the most dangerous and despicable a person who had access to the documents can do. Remember Reality Winner who leaked an intelligence report detailing Russian interference in the 2016 United States elections to The Intercept just got out of prison after time served on Nov. 23, 2021. She is still under massive restrictions and cannot speak publicly. All she did was tell that the Russians interfered with the 2016 which embarrassed the shit out of trump. You know the guy that keeps claiming anything to do with him and Russia is a witch hunt. This time it is not a civil rights violation or even a sex crime trump did, but he stole some of the nation’s most sensitive secrets and left them unsecured. Much of the nation’s bureaucracy is against him and his cronies on this, and a lot of the people that really care about the country won’t let this go. That is why he is so desperate to get in front of this. Hugs

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