Texas Paul REACTS to MAGA NUT who thinks Trump will be ‘Reinstated’ in October

MAGA Republicans continue to buy into dangerous conspiracy theories regarding the 2020 election. As they sink even deeper into their hopeless black hole of fantasy, one supporter went viral after proclaiming that the Supreme Court has decided to reinstate Donald Trump as president this October. These delusions might be funny if they weren’t so dangerous. Texas Paul reacts.

3 thoughts on “Texas Paul REACTS to MAGA NUT who thinks Trump will be ‘Reinstated’ in October

  1. Hi Scottie;
    If I met this guy in the market, I would presume him to be psychotic and move off quickly. Truthfully, he’s entertaining when I am safe from the odd consequences of standing too near someone so fully putting reality on trial.
    Is this guy somehow someone I should bother listening to? I didn’t see the foil hat, but I bet it’s there somewhere. Well, I do prefer the crazy ones… 🙂


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    1. Hello Randy. He does seem like a nutter, a mad hatter doesn’t he? These people simply don’t live in reality. I was just answering a comment Nan made about Steve Bannon saying there was a way for trump to be reinstalled as president. The maga crowd hears this and believes it is true and all they have to do is make the government do it. WTF. There is no way to redo the 2020 election, and the only way to remove Biden is with impeachment and that still won’t put trump back in the White House. But because one of their cult heroes say it these maga cult members who are loud and violent try to make it happen, claiming that the people who try to tell them the truth are lying to attack their maga god. Hugs

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