GOP Leader Nods As MAGA Mom Says ‘Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion’ Is Marxism

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy nods to parents calling “diversity, equity, and inclusion” Marxist programs The Majority Report crew discusses how there is no pushback to conservatives openly advocating to end anti-bullying programs after the critical race theory panic and passing of legislation such as the don’t say gay bill. The crew also talks about how parents are being activated to go to the polls by hateful right-wing rhetoric.

6 thoughts on “GOP Leader Nods As MAGA Mom Says ‘Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion’ Is Marxism

    1. Just like the old “Obama’s a Muslim” until Sen. McCain couldn’t even take it anymore, and corrected a person. Then he lost the election.


  1. He did not nod at the Marxism comment. He did nod prior to that at one of her comments.

    And again … the video of the woman amounted to about 1-1/2 minutes and their “commentary” took up the rest of the 7+ minute video. Yakity-yakity-yak.

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  2. McCarthy’s nod was to the comment about “critical race theory”, there’s no record of what response, if any, he made to the woman’s comments in general or to any specific part of it. Regardless of how much we might despise the values promoted by McCarthy, this is the type of “discussion” by The Majority Report that is seen only too often in American politics – inaccurate and misleading reporting of events by both sides. This type of commentary is one reason why I do not normally watch The Majority Report.

    What I will say is that “Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion” are the hallmarks of a liberal democratic society – the polar opposite of totalitarian Marxism or fascism – and a path too many former liberal societies are on or about to take, and one, as an outsider looking in, a path that America is contemplating.

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    1. this is the type of “discussion” … that is seen only too often in American politics — I agree! IMO, one has to be VERY discerning because it is so very, very easy to get caught up in the rhetoric — especially when the speakers are saying what YOU want to hear.


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