Tapper Lists “Extremist” MTG’s Batshit Claims [VIDEO]

Mediaite reports:

Jake Tapper took Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) to task for her endorsement of various conspiracy theories over the years.

The CNN host called Greene an “extremist” who is tolerated and even “embraced” by her fellow Republicans because of her preternatural ability to fundraise and receive the clout that goes with it. Tapper then aired a series of clips interspersed with his commentary.

Tapper stated that in previous years, such behavior would have earned Greene a “political death sentence.” But, he said, her status as an effective fundraiser and “MAGA celebrity” has elevated her status within the GOP.

Read the full article. Watch the clip. Tapper obviously couldn’t list ALL of Greene’s uncountable insane claims, the most infamous of which, arguably, is that Hillary Clinton murdered a child and then wore the child’s face as a mask.


Rex • 14 minutes ago

The GOP is broken and apparently that’s how they like it.

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