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Nan has been telling me about this. It seems to me these people don’t want a democracy of the people, they want a one party rule, their party and their rule. It has become a thing on the right that if they can not win in the ballot box they change the rules to make it so they win. They keep saying they are not being listened to or they have no voice, but they have as much as anyone else. They just don’t like that there is less of them and more of the liberals. Hugs

Homeless on the High Desert

About Idaho, and the people who live there

Glimpse of the store g’da built … some trails I learned to walk on

Notable the original State of Jefferson secessionists are opposed

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7 thoughts on “We Used to Make Jokes …

  1. Scottie, I think your last sentence sums it up.

    Thank goodness our county voted it down, but what seems so wrong about this whole thing is the conservatives themselves don’t want to simply move to Idaho because, you know … they have “ties” to the community, family is here, they’ve lived her all their lives here, ad nauseum. So instead, they want to force –by absorption- those who DON’T go along with their thinking.

    Yes, I know that “voting” is a “fair way” to do this. But I still say if a person doesn’t like the politics of a state … then GET OUT!

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    1. Hello Nan. Again the right wing doesn’t think of anyone else’s wants, needs, ties to the community. They don’t care about the liberals would have all their lives turned upside down by the shift to living in a red conservative state. One again they did not move into. I agree whole heartedly with you Nan, if these people don’t like the laws of the state and they cannot muster enough votes to change the state, then they should either keep trying or move. I know what I am talking about. I moved to Florida when it was deep blue. Somehow when Jeb Bush got elected he managed to change some things and it started a shift to making the state red. Right now it is a very purple 50 / 50 state. But with the laws the republicans have made, the rules they have changed make it so the left / democrats have to win super majorities to even win a seat. There is massive gerrymandering, there is an amazing amount of voter suppression. The republicans are not winning in Florida because they are the majority even with all the right wing northerners that moved here changing the demographics, but they have rigged the game so the minority gets to rule the majority. And it is getting worse. I think if the democrats cannot manage to stop DeathSantis now and elect a democratic governor and Senator, then we won’t be able to shift Florida for decades. Ron and I are progressive married gay cis men. We don’t like what is happening. We are also now at the time of our later years in life when our income is more limited than before. But if Florida comes after our marriage or ourselves as openly gay men we will have to move. It will be hard, and I know there will be those who simply cannot move, who don’t have the money to move. But we would have to. Those right wingers that want to merge states should move before they force others to live under their rule. Hugs

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  2. Thank you Scottie. That guy lives down the street from my daughter, we’ve had words. There are few words that express the frustration.

    No one’s asked me about my ties to that community, my family’s ~ now eight generations ~ history in LaPine, my grandfather building stuff ~ store, houses, high school ~ there a hundred years ago. Don’t ever hear about how it’s affected me, just hear about the god guns and guts crowd, and twixt you me and the balcony the only guts they’ve got are in a pack. Jack one up alone and he’ll back right down. This tourorist did.

    Gotta’ be careful about the guns though …

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    1. Hello Ten Bears. Wow, you do have a lot of ties and personal connections to the area. I just replied to Nan with the suggestion that the right doesn’t care about anyone else or others wants, desires, needs, community ties, or families, all they care about is themselves and what they want. They really seem to be selfish and do not care who it hurts as long as they get what makes them happy. Also thank you for the content you post. I enjoy it. I cannot tell you in comments as I have not figured out how to make one on your blog, but I do like your posts. I hope to someday get things settled enough so I can get to the blogs I enjoy every day which includes yours. Best wishes. Hugs


  3. It’s an unfortunate fact that democracy can result in “tyranny by the majority”, but unfortunately I don’t think there’s a simple solution to it. At a national level Aotearoa partially solved it by changing to a proportional system of voting where typically no single party gains a majority and loose coalitions are formed through negotiation and compromise after each election (never before). And because the coalitions are loose, the majority party of a coalition may need to gain the support of one or more opposition parties to pass legislation, again requiring negotiation and compromise. It works well here, but I wonder if Americans are prepared to make compromises to accommodate minority viewpoints.

    The other experience I have with non-majoritarian governance it within Quakers, where every member must support any decision before it is accepted. This can often result in slow decision making, but the result is that no one views any decisions in a negative light. It’s somewhat similar to consensus decision making, which is quite common in the south Pacific but possibly wouldn’t work with large populations especially in the US. Too often there’s the belief of “if you’re not with us, you’re against us”, whereas here it’s more of “if you’re not against us, you’re with us”.

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    1. Hello Barry. You make some good points. The problem with the US government system right now is we only have two major parties and one of those doesn’t want the government to work. They don’t govern so much as obstruct. I have often wondered if having a multiple party system like other countries would solve that problem. The problem with starting more parties in the US is that the two majority parties got together and passed rules that make it really super hard to form any more national parties. If a group was serious about starting a new party it would take billions of dollars over decades starting at the lowest levels of government to build it up. The party wouldn’t really win much at first and would have to put in time and effort simply to get known by the people. Right now the only other parties we have other than the two major parties are simply spoilers paid to run during presidential elections to try to spoil the vote, normally to lower the votes for the democrats.

      But I think democracy works if the vote is one person one vote, with no messing around with how / where people live / vote. Also there must be no voter suppression. That makes it so each person / party that wants to get into office has to convince the people / public that their policies and the things they want to make laws will make those people’s lives better. Seriously right now in the US the republicans never talk about policy because people hate what the party stands for in policy, so the republican party engages constantly in culture wars. Vote for us to keep your country yours and other vague sound bites scare voters of that party into thinking the other party wants to take something from them or change their way of life in ways they won’t like. They never tell the people they intend to make life harder for them and give more public money to the wealthy. I like the idea of having to convince others to vote for your ideas, but I think requiring to high a threshold to move forward is as harmful as keeping part of the people from being able to vote or have an opinion. Best wishes.

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