Florida Man Cites “Don’t Say Gay” Law In Lawsuit Over Pride Flag In Classroom: This Is Against Jesus [VIDEO]

Because rainbows make Jesus cry.  As I said in the last post on this guy, not everyone lives by his bible. Deliu said his family is Christian-Orthodox and considers homosexuality a sin, saying in the lawsuit it’s “not in accordance with their Bible.”  Gay people exist, and they have rights.   Gay kids exist and they have rights.   This child is in the 7th grade, he is quite aware of gender and sexual orientation, and sorry but not everyone is the same.   My rights, gay kids in the 7th grade don’t lose their rights because the bible says they are icky, and his daddy is a bigoted asshole.    Hugs

West Palm Beach’s NBC affiliate reports:

A Wellington father is suing the School District of Palm Beach County after he claimed his son’s teacher put up two LGBTQ pride flags in her classroom. Dr. Francisco Deliu’s 12-year-old son is in seventh grade at Emerald Cove Middle School.

Deliu filed a lawsuit on Oct. 12 against the school district, Palm Beach County School Board, the middle school, principal Dr. Eugina Smith-Freeman and teacher Rachel Raos. Deliu said his family is Christian-Orthodox and considers homosexuality a sin, saying in the lawsuit it’s “not in accordance with their Bible.”

Deliu claimed the teacher’s actions are a violation of Florida’s “Parents’ Bill of Rights” law, which went into effect in 2021. Deliu is asking for a jury trial and wants the court to declare the teacher’s [alleged] decision to discuss gay pride and homosexuality illegal.

Read the full article. Deliu also wants an apology from the school and the teacher to be posted on the district’s website. Wellington, it’s worth noting, is one of Florida’s wealthiest communities. Many of its homes include horse stables and Wellington hosts the annual US Polo Open as well as other equestrian competitions.



JoeMyGodMod • an hour ago

I’m mostly surprised that a doctor who lives in Wellington has a kid in public school.

vap JoeMyGod • an hour ago

He looks to be a lawyer

It surely isn’t his first go-round with making big accusations, either. In 2017, the New Zealand Lawyers and Conveyancers Disciplinary Tribunal found him guilty of nine different charges including “misconduct”, “unprofessional conduct” and “conduct unbecoming a lawyer”.

The misconduct charges resulted from a series of allegations the barrister made against two high court judges of “discrimination and racism by the Judges towards both counsel and clients, and corruption in carrying out their duties.”

Deliu was fined a quarter of a million dollars and his law license was temporarily suspended.

Paddycakes2001 JoeMyGod • 30 minutes ago

I love the part of the article where the guy says he’s a “libertarian.” I’m sure he has a great explanation for why libertarianism* means the state must affirmatively take actions to send the message that there is a lower caste of depraved people who must not be spoken about or acknowledged.

*We all know that real-world Ron Paul-style libertarianism wants exactly that, but it’s hilarious to watch them try to explain themselves.

Houndentenor JoeMyGod • 34 minutes ago

Some affluent areas have public schools that rival the best private schools in their area. So I’m not surprised. The high home prices and high property taxes that fund those schools keep out anyone they don’t want there.

Stoned and loving it JoeMyGod • an hour ago

when the legislature passes laws designed to allow the GQP to loot the treasury, one must establish standing before suit

TampaZeke • an hour ago

GO BACK TO ROMANIA where you can get all of the Orthodox Christianity you crave!

ChrisMorley TampaZeke • an hour ago

He’s also pissed of with Romania:

Romania decriminalised homosexuality in 2001

Jay Ryan in Illinois • 30 minutes ago • edited

“The dad, a self-described ‘live and let live’ libertarian”

So no neck here wants the state to impose rules against those he finds offensive. Yeah, that’s a real live and let live libertarian there. Lol


ChristopherM • an hour ago

I guarantee you this concerned father has never once attended a PTA meeting, volunteered, or gone to a parent teacher conference in his child’s life.

Kieth ChristopherM • an hour ago

It’s also interesting that people had issues with Ye saying bad things about Jewish people but anyone is free to say horrible things about LBGT people and its ok because it’s your opinion yet both our people were in hitlers concentration camps

Jay Kieth • 24 minutes ago

It’s ok to be an open homophobe in our society. Whenever you see it racism is just below the surface though.

Jack Frost ChristopherM • an hour ago

Oh, those are the loudest ones. Not really a part of their kids education until they get to hate on a minority group.

Rebecca Gardner • an hour ago • edited

The law reads, prohibits classroom discussion about sexual orientation or gender identity in certain grade levels;

Ok, which grade? Is 7th grade too old to be covered by this? Also, it says nothing about a flag, it only prohibits discussion.

Jack Frost Rebecca Gardner • an hour ago

The law was written so poorly and so broadly that it allows for any parent to sue for anything and to let the courts or jury decide.

Its supposed to chill speech these asshats dont like so in this case they assumed all LGBTQ teachers/school officials would just pull all the “gay stuff” out of the classroom in advance.

Chris Baker Jack Frost • 35 minutes ago

Yes, it was more of a scare type law that was so vague that teachers would be afraid to do anything, even putting up a pride flag. I hope this is a test case that turns out well to knock down this law.

Why is saying that ‘straight people exist’ legal, but “gay people exist’ illegal?

It would be funny if some wise-ass elementary school let boys and girls use whichever bathroom they wanted to because “discussing gender identity was forbidden by law and discussing or asking students what gender they are might be illegal.”

Jack Frost Rebecca Gardner • an hour ago

Maybe he wants to expand on the grade levels. Maybe make it K-12?

I wouldn’t put it past anti-gay people to start with a wedge like K-3 and then work to expand that outward.

thatotherjean • an hour ago

That “Don’t Say Gay” law in Florida HAS to be unconstitutional. Besides, being “against Jesus” has no bearing on education, unless you’re a Christian religious school. I hope he’ll get told to go away and take his jury trial with him; but it’s Florida, so who knows?

Chucktech thatotherjean • an hour ago

“Against Jesus,” Jesus…

Yeah, Jesus was always ragging on those filthy queers…

Chris Baker tbj5 • 39 minutes ago • edited

Didn’t they just rule for freedom of speech of teachers in the ‘praying coach’ case? of course, they will contradict themselves in a case like this when they rule -against- freedom of speech.

4 thoughts on “Florida Man Cites “Don’t Say Gay” Law In Lawsuit Over Pride Flag In Classroom: This Is Against Jesus [VIDEO]

  1. FFS. I went and read the article, and have trouble with this portion of the allegations shown there: ” … used a search engine to find websites about homosexual lifestyles and ‘proselytized to the students in class.'”
    As to the business of using a search engine to find those websites, I’m aware that there are few, if any, schools in my state whose filters will allow such a search, device used regardless. KS doesn’t have FL’s draconian law, so I cannot imagine that there’s a public school in FL with a filter that would allow that. Our experience is that you can’t get anywhere disallowed by the filter. So unless his child’s school has no school internet filter,no children could be exposed to something that this man is afraid of, because the computers will not go.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Ali. Great point. I also thought that it couldn’t have happened at school the way the man said. Then I figured out what happened. The boy is 12 and I bet he has several internet capable devices including a smart phone, computer, or a smart TV. I bet dad found the boys search history and it had a few gay websites. I doubt it was porn but the boy may have questions he typed into google and got back a list of websites that explain stuff or even more likely the boy was searching different banned book titles and got them back in his search or other gay stories. The dad already believes any book with a LGBTQ+ character or has a gay plot at all no matter how small is promoting gay sex. He questions the boy and the boy in a panic says the teacher showed us them at school. Can’t blame me dad it is from school see. I just posted on a movie I watched where a dad was so fanatically anti-gay his son tried to kill himself. It is a fact in the world that some parents will hurt their kids if they think they are gay. This dad may be one of those, he seems it. Hugs

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Hello Nan. It was on its way to getting better. Florida is trying to return to the way it was when I was in school, before the programs to promote tolerance and acceptance. They want a time before same sex marriage and same sex parents / families. They don’t want kids from same sex families to be able to talk about their families in a positive way. But here is the thing. DeathSantis might get it temporarily in Florida, heck he may get it for a few years in Florida. But far too many other states are continuing to advance and be progressive. Far too many gay families exist, far too many companies want the revenue from the LGBTQ+ so they will keep advertising to them. All DeathSantis is going to do is make the gay and trans kids in Florida schools suffer and be miserable for a few years. He is going to make life harder and more dangerous for adult gays, adult trans people, and married same sex couples for a while. Until all these cases work their way past Florida maga judges. Even SCOTUS said that discrimination against gay people goes against both the title 10 and the civil rights laws. The idea that Governors are going to be able to stop the best medical practice for trans kids and grow their state’s business base is wrong. Companies are not going to relocate there if they cannot get decent quality workers. But for a few years the maga thugs are going to go crazy and they are going to threaten and hurt us gay and trans people. If they do manage to get their way the US is on its way to being a theocracy run by the moral police Taliban. Hugs


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