Liberal Redneck – Inflation and the GOP

3 thoughts on “Liberal Redneck – Inflation and the GOP

  1. Well said. Again, as a former Republican, the main mission of the Republican party is give more money to rich people and help the keep it. Everything else is ancillary to that mission. Keith

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    1. Hello Keith. Sadly they have talked a lot of poor people into voting against their own interests by voting republican. I have never understood poor people falling for the bait that gets them to vote for the party that wants to deny them any government assistance or help. Right now Rick Scott is pushing a way to kill Social Security and Medicare and one of the radical republican caucuses is pushing to hold up raising the debt limit until they get cuts in these programs and a roll back of other assistance. Right now big businesses are making more profit than ever, record profits. But it is not enough. With the fed mistaking thinking they need to kill employment to stop workers power to increase wages which is not the driving force behind the inflation. The biggest driver of inflation is corporate profits. The second driver is lack of supply which allows the corporations to drive up prices. If it was really wages and costs then there wouldn’t be record profits that are still increasing in record amounts, the costs would be eating into that. But there is a segment of the wealthy that is terrified that we might return to the days where workers had power to force businesses to offer benefits and perks and unions held authority in companies.

      But poor people in these red states vote for republicans religiously and think that democrats are horrible people trying to destroy the country and all the freedoms just because democrats are trying to get the government back to working for the people again. I just don’t understand it. Republicans want to cut any government program that helps people, democrats want to start programs to help the public, be many poor people believe the rhetoric that democrats are the enemy. Hugs

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