NYPD Warns Of Threats Against NYC Polling Places

The New York Post reports:

The NYPD says “elevated vigilance” is needed during the upcoming midterm elections, as “hostile rhetoric” and “generalized threats” swirl on online forums, according to an internal memo obtained by The Post.

Officials warned that “malicious actors” in chat and messaging groups, as well as other forums, may create “echo chambers” that promote “false narratives” and “establish a permissive environment for violent action against election-related infrastructure and personnel.”

The memo cited calls on “far-right, ultranationalist, and QAnon extremist forums” for their followers to become “poll challengers” if they witness “fraud” and “cheating” at the polls.

Read the full article.


Even Rick Wilson, no socialist him, doesn’t rule out that big corps are deliberately gouging the American people:

AyJayDee Todd20036 • 8 hours ago

Corporations with connections and that stay loyal to the regime do well. Corporations that lack connections or step out of line don’t. See also: Russia.

Lestat GlennF • 10 hours ago

If the corporations didn’t already own the legislatures, we’d have proper regulation of gasoline and food prices.

Ohbehr in Minnesota • 10 hours ago

Damn, it’s a national cancer. It’s even in NYC. Sheesh. I’m glad I voted by mail early. I was afraid that my local polling place in Minneapolis, which is across the street from me, might be visited by these thugs and goons since I live in a largely minority neighborhood. I hope they don’t shut down voting here or interrupt it. No one needs this shite. And they talk about fair elections. They want everyone to lose. Sad.

Elagabalus • 10 hours ago

The Trump / Republican mantra is essentially the same as Voldemort’s: “Might makes right.” Thuggery is the agency they deploy to make that happen.

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