Lara Logan: Biden Admin Is Trafficking Children So Elites Can Drink Their Blood To Fight Aging [VIDEO]

These people vote and right wing media promotes them.   Reality means nothing to these people.   But why kill the babies, just milk the blood in regular donations keeps the blood fresh and coming in.   These people don’t think through things very well. 🙄   Hugs

Just banned by Newsmax, Lara Logan has some thoughts:

The reason I believe that people reacted that way is it’s all about the children. The question they don’t want us asking is where are all the missing children?

What happens to these children? How can hundreds of thousands of kids go missing in the United States every year and nobody knows where they are?

They just vanish? I don’t think so. Every sex trafficking ring worldwide knows, bring the kids to the United States that this administration is participating in the trafficking of kids.

They’re paying companies, LLCs and non-profits and church groups. They’re paying them to take these kids and disappear them.

The report that you showed have talked about the blood of young children being the secret to anti-aging. And why does nobody ask where does blood come from?

How do you get the blood of young children? And does it matter if the children are younger and younger and younger? So now you’re talk — are you talking about the blood of babies now? Is that what you’re talking about?

Logan may be too fucking crazy even for Newsmax, but not for Mike Lindell’s Frank Speech platform.

Gustav2 • 11 hours ago

According to our research and experience, out of the half a million children that go missing every year in the United States, nearly all of them are found. That’s 97.8%. So, half a million children go missing, but nearly all of them are also found.

When most people think about missing children, they imagine children being lured into white vans. But if a father or mother takes a child without permission, and they don’t have custody, that’s considered a missing child, and the vast majority of missing kids are due to family abductions. There are more than 3,000 attempted snatchings per year, and more than 90% of those are runaways or parental abductions.…

Gustav2 starmom • 11 hours ago • edited

I turned off the Amber Alerts on my phone because 99% of them had a very accurate description of the abductor, the car, the license plate, etc.

Don’t wake me up in the middle of the night when you know the abductor’s name, and where he/she and all his/her relatives live.

Jeff D danolgb • 10 hours ago

Amateur! I reach into their bodies and pull their hearts out, leaving them alive while I lower them into a fiery hell-like pit. As documented in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

Max-1 🔫+cult(R)=☠️ • 11 hours ago


The term blood libel refers to the false allegation that Jews used the blood of non-Jewish, usually Christian children, for ritual purposes. The Nazis made effective use of the blood libel to demonize Jews, with Julius Steicher’s newspaper Der Stürmer making frequent use of ritual murder imagery in its antisemitic propaganda.

Ragnar Lothbrok • 11 hours ago

Idk if the blood treatment works or not, but to me, chasing those brats around just isn’t worth it.

Unbordered American PickyPoultrygeist • 11 hours ago

Thinking of buying this in Michigan and handing it out to the little Canadian goblins. 😉


5 thoughts on “Lara Logan: Biden Admin Is Trafficking Children So Elites Can Drink Their Blood To Fight Aging [VIDEO]

    1. Lara Logan was horrifically attacked, raped, and beaten while covering a story, a while back. I’m not an expert, but she hasn’t been the same since; no doubt a brain injury and some PTSD. So I don’t blame her for her condition, but I do blame those who incite her and give her a platform to spew this awful stuff instead of helping her get treatment.

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      1. Keith, I need to revise what I wrote; I looked LL up to refresh my memory, and the actual answer to your 2d question seems to be yes, I’m sorry to say. She was like this before surviving that attack, she just has less impulse control now.

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