I sort of goofed here is a redo

Hello Everyone.   7 days ago I made a joyful post about my system being back up in a temporary place using the kitchen table.  But when I got to the comments on that post I noticed that only one of the four pictures I tried to put in the post went in.   Yes I need to start checking posts after I publish the post.  So I took a video of the setup to show everyone.   Yes I was speaking but the words are not important, the important thing is the visual of the setup.   Best wishes and hugs.

OT:  An update on how sick I was.   I was really ill with a high fever, but I took Tylenol and it kept the fever down and it broke late last night.  But today I have a baseball sized swelling under my arm in my arm pit.   It is a swollen lymph node and it is irritatingly painful.  I am not so much bothered by it but it freaked Ron out.   He did not realize how sick I was yesterday.    Hugs

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