Private Prison Profiting GOP Goes Crazy Over Cannabis Pardon’s

Governors across the country are furious about President Biden’s cannabis pardons – but only because the private prison industry is telling them to be mad. Mike Papantonio & Farron Cousins discuss more.

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3 thoughts on “Private Prison Profiting GOP Goes Crazy Over Cannabis Pardon’s

  1. The privatization movement — monetizing the incarceration of others — is another sick idea. “Let’s make money off of everything” seems to be one of the Right Wing’s modern principles. The hypocrisy they employ to rationalize their shitty values make my head spin. Take care, Scottie.

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    1. Hello Michael. I agree. The drive for never ending profits has become the bane of the US and a threat to the needs of the public. I remember when Pres. George Bush, the second one pushed to have Social Security privatized so wall street could make profit off all that money. What a scary thought, but he almost got away with it. In Florida Jeb Bush tried to sell the state’s water rights to a private company and different counties keep wanting to make toll roads on the highways while selling the bridges to companies to charge tolls on. So much for the people in the state struggling to make it now. Hugs

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