Wrestler Kane, now a GOP mayor, destroyed on Twitter over drag-show hypocrisy


See how this has nothing to do with children and is all a political ploy to rile up the right wing base that is unable to accept advancements in society.   We have grown as a people, just as we did in every generation since the beginning of the species.   We don’t do what we did in the 1600, 1700s, 1800s, because we know better now.  But there are some people dreaming of a past that never really existed when they felt comfortable and in charge, they were the normal ones with the right to mock and insult the weirdos.    They want that again.   The other half wants their poor defenseless god to stop crying over men wearing dresses (something they basically did in Jesus’s time) and they know their god shutters in fear / loathing every time a male penis touches another male, regardless of the fact that opposite sex couples can do the same sex acts and their god loves to watch that.    Strange, isn’t it?    Hugs

Glenn Jacobs, aka Kane


Glenn Jacobs, aka KanePhoto: Gage Skidmore

WWE wrestler Kane, who performed topless in genitalia-hugging spandex tights, grappling with other oiled-up men wearing only speedos, g-string style underwear — and sometimes women’s dresses — is complaining about all-age drag shows.

The former wrestler – who goes by Mayor Glenn Jacobs (R) when he’s not performing in flashy outfits – won reelection as the mayor of Knox County, Tennessee in August and performed on multiple occasions with other wrestlers who dressed as women in front of thousands of children.

Now he says he’ll ban family-friendly drag shows anywhere “on Knox County property,” though he has no power to do so. “Currently,” says the mayor, “no law on the books gives me authority.”

The empty pro-wrestling-style boast was another attack on the LGBTQ community inspired by the current Republican obsession with quashing LGBTQ rights, particularly when it comes to gender nonconformity.

Twitter was quick to react to Jacob’s hypocrisy Tuesday, when he claimed “my office has been flooded with calls concerning all-ages drag shows,” just in time for next Tuesday’s midterm elections. Jacobs went on to decry “the sexualization of our children.”

For the uninitiated, drag is an integral part of some of WWE’s often bizarre storylines.

Multiple wrestling fans called out Jacobs for a storyline in which he kidnaps another wrestler’s girlfriend, rapes, and impregnates her.

The callback that best applies to Jacobs today may have been this amped-up crowd favorite, now employed by Twitter users.

6 thoughts on “Wrestler Kane, now a GOP mayor, destroyed on Twitter over drag-show hypocrisy

    1. Hello MuttpupDad. I agree. I just posted about a rabid NIFB preacher was calling for women in congress to return home and wait on their husband if they really want to be Christians. During his rant he called for the shooting teachers in the head or behead them on TV because they groom kids to be molested, yet he never mentioned the daily mentions of religious figures who molest / rape kids. They talk about drag queens because they hate the popularity of the RuPaul drag show by complaining about how the men are dressed, I think because they are worried about their own masculinity. If the clothing you wear makes you male or manly you really need to see someone and get help because you have issues that you need help with. But they forget their own Jesus wore a type of dress. They forget the founding fathers they claim were such great Christians also wore long haired wigs, wore frilly shirts, and the weirdest kind of short pants with leggings that sure look gay to me. 😀😁😋 Hugs


    1. Hello Roger. Yes they are, these people are trying to create fear over people that are on a very popular TV show. I never watch that kind of show, but I understand that RuPaul’s Drag Race has been on for 14 seasons, I prefer science, history, or news. Think of it, the republicans are trying to make a boogieman out of people that others have watched on TV for 14 years. Plus really I remember drag characters on variety shows in the 1970s and even cartoons because bugs bunny was always dressing in dresses and kissing the guys. Hugs

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      1. Agreed Scottie.
        Serious old me is not much of a fan of any of the competition shows (Although Sheila has got me hooked on the UK’s ‘Sewing Bee’)…But that says more about me than the quality of the shows.
        It’s another example of right-wing hypocrisy, they laud and applaud their own self-promoters and hate-mongers, yet anyone outside of their own range must be expunged.
        And Drag is as old as hills.
        Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night ….
        In the UK in our pantomime; the ‘Principal Boy’ is always played by a girl.
        And the ‘Dame’ is always a male comedian.
        Let us not forget Kilnger of M.A.S.H. (my favourite character on the show)

        And peerless Laurel and Hardy:


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