There is active indoctrination from the right by the right



Democrats encourage voting, expand rights.

Republicans want guns, encourage fascism.

Both parties are not the same. #VoteBlue



Vote for the adults in Congress. #VoteBlue


After the midterm, let’s put this moron on the stand, indict him, and try him.

No more delays.


Republicans have zero desire to lower inflation or even explain any of the policies they would use. They just vote against everything.


Dehumanizing is the root of authoritarianism.


New York Republicans like Lee Zeldin offer no solutions and repeat myths about crime.

Vote for Kathy Hochul. #VoteBlue


Republicans want to study white supremacy.



If you want more crime with no solution/ideas for lowering the numbers, vote for failed GOP.

Follow @LiberalsAreCool



Young Democrats, we need you! Keep up this amazing turnout.

Make this country your country. #VotingMatters

3 thoughts on “There is active indoctrination from the right by the right

    1. Hello Ten Bears. I agree. Also respect cannot be demanded as some people seem to think it should be. You can make people fear you enough to give lip service or act in some ways that is demanded, but it is not respect, a true feeling. For example my adopted father demanded to be obeyed and feared, but I never respected him. There was a song once I cannot really remember much of it, but the lesson of the song was to be good to the people you meet going up as they are the same people you meet going down. Hugs


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