Youngkin Under Fire For New History Lessons Standards – JMG

The right cannot help themselves.   The bigotry just pours out of them.  There was not any need to do this, to change the learning standards except to enshrine bigotry and promote the false idea that there was no one here in the land when the white Europeans showed up.  It misleads the students into not knowing or understanding the brutality the white settlers used against the natives to take what the natives had.  We were not interested in living together, we stole what we wanted by violence.   They can not stand that white people are not the most important people, that white people are not given automatic authority.  No diversity, no respecting other cultures or differences.  It must be only and all what the white republicansdo and want.   Hugs


Richmond’s ABC affiliate reports:

Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) is overhauling former Gov. Ralph Northam’s administration’s proposal that would have set history and social science standards in Virginia schools.

Youngkin’s VDOE’s new draft proposal would determine what students learn about American history and Virginia history inside the classroom.

If adopted by the Virginia Board of Education, the new standards will be in effect for seven years starting in the 2024-2025 school year. Professional development would begin in the summer of 2023, according to a fact sheet that was sent to legislators and obtained by 7News.

The Washington Post reports:

The old guidelines call for lessons teaching that “Indigenous People were the first inhabitants of the land that we now call Virginia and the United States” and that “multiple tribes have always and continue to live in Virginia and the United States today.” The new guidelines do not mention Indigenous peoples, instead stating that students should learn to “describe life of Virginia’s earliest settlements.”

The old guidelines suggest students learn about a wide variety of holidays and traditions including Indigenous Peoples’ Day, Thanksgiving, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Presidents’ Day, Juneteenth and the Fourth of July. The new guidelines only mention learning about Presidents’ Day. Finally, the new guidelines delete a suggestion from the previous version that kindergartners be taught “respect for diversity.”

Forteaneye • 2 hours ago

Youngkin is the most dangerous kind of Maga. He is soft spoken and comes off as intelligent. This masks his real hatred and fascist beliefs. He has the ability to do more harm than the Maga idiots who wear there hate on their sleeve.

Todd20036 • an hour ago

I l armed about how the savages welcomed the Europeans to make them civilized. I never learned of the Trail of tears until later

This was in the early 1980s

If you don’t get taught history, you’re taught fairy tales


Will they be returning to the “Happy slave narrative”?

Charles in Bloomington Dave B • 37 minutes ago

Oh, so they could preach, conduct a funeral, sing and dance. I’m sure that solved everything.

Makoto • 2 hours ago

Per the article – The Governor’s 53-page proposal would require:

Kindergarteners to learn patriotism which includes pledging allegiance to the American flag
Forcing that would be illegal, found so by SCOTUS in the past. I’m guessing he’s hoping for a reversal on that ruling, or just isn’t aware that the pledge, even if mandatory to offer, is still optional for students to recite.

Students would learn critical thinking skills starting in the first grade
Somehow I don’t think he means actual critical thinking skills, but rather to try for “both sides” arguments about stuff like evolution to sneak in ID

clay Makoto • 2 hours ago

Most students aren’t really ready for critical thinking until junior high. If there were educators on the curriculum panel they would have known that.

JackFknTwist Makoto • an hour ago

How pathetic.
The kids will think that flying the flag is ‘jingo-normal’
Just look at Trump in Mar-a-Loco when he announced he’s running for the nomination, I counted at least 20 flags.
Jingoism is not normal.

Karl Dubhe IV • 2 hours ago

White Christian Nationalist Education. Perfect for raising a generation of fascists.

How many parents are going to want their kids to be good little authoritarians?

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