Kevin McCarthy hit with BAD NEWS as Republicans retake majority

The misinformation, misdirection, and out right lies by these republican elected politicians is stunning.   Nothing on what polices they want to see enacted.   Nothing on their ideas for governing.  But all the vitriol and hate poured into investigating everything Biden or that hurt the feelings of their cult leader.   This is a real abuse of govern power.   This is the very thing they like to claim is being done to them, but in truth is not.   Listen to the things they want investigated, Hunter Biden who is not in government in any capacity unlike the trump kids who were.  The party of law and order who scream that democrats want to defund the police are demanding investigations / defunding the FBI again because they dared to hurt the feelings of the cult leader who had national secrets of the highest order unsecured at his resort home.  And their bases loves this.   This is nothing more than reality TV, the scandal papers that say Hillary had bigfoots baby.   What is wrong with a country that a large part of the republican party wants this?    Hugs 

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