I Get It …

Hello all. Ten Bears posted this and I love. It is such a grand message done in a clear easy to grasp way. So much of what she said I feel I also could say and mean. I like it so much I subscribed to her YouTube channel. Thanks Ten Bears. Hugs

Homeless on the High Desert

You don’t like me… ladeda, whoopdedo, I don’t care, you ain’t anything special

I must be doing something right

Please … make something of it

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One thought on “I Get It …

  1. Bueno, my pleasure, thank you. All that …

    I sometimes worry my peculiar play with words obfuscates the point, leaving it obscure, unclear, or unintelligible; bewildering. And sometimes I think it does! I don’t know if the point I’m trying to make ~ I don’t care if you don’t like me or what I do, I’m doing what I care about (make something of it) ~ is quite the same as hers, but I think it comes pretty close.

    If we don’t let the extremists, the loud-mouthed minority, drown out the message, she’s a pretty clear slice of Americana …

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