Hate Group Sues New Mexico Over Assisted Suicide Law- JMG

Again Christians trying hard to force their religious views on everyone else.   They claim that just telling people those options exist is against the religious freedom of the doctors.   Just like simply existing gays and trans people sexualize kids in schools.   Just like providing a cake, flowers, photos, or a website of a same sex marriage somehow not only means you are a part of the wedding but it also means you support same sex marriage.   But doing those things for divorced people getting married doesn’t mean you support divorce or doing those things for a wedding of a murderer doesn’t mean you support murder.   But you know, it is about forcing selected morality on everyone.  Hugs

The Christian Post reports:

A doctor and a Christian medical group have filed a lawsuit against New Mexico over an assisted suicide law passed last year they say violates their sincerely-held religious objections to the controversial practice.

Dr. Mark Lacy and the Christian Medical & Dental Associations filed a lawsuit against New Mexico on Wednesday in the United States District Court for the District of New Mexico. At issue was the Elizabeth Whitefield End-of-Life Options Act, a law passed last year that legalized assisted suicide for terminally ill residents.

Lacy and the Christian organization are being represented by Alliance Defending Freedom, which has argued religious liberty cases before the Supreme Court.

Read the full article.

The ADF claims that the New Mexico law “forces” Christian physicians to “facilitate” assisted suicide merely by telling patients that the option is available and legal. Physician-assisted suicide is currently legal in eleven states.


jugomonoa day ago

Fuck them!! I just returned from 6 weeks in Canada where my 93 yr old mother was dying of pancreatic cancer. There was no treatment for her. She’d been in the hospital 5 weeks before she started experiencing pain and was put on morphine. 3 days after that she anounced she wanted medical assistance in death (MAID) in Canada. I was there when the doctor came to make sure she understood what would happen. She did completely and did not hesitate to sign the consent form. And I was there when the doctor came several days later to perform the procedure. She was surrounded by family, we drank shots of peach shnapps with her, had a few laughs at memories, and she was content to be having it over. I left the room when the doctor arrived but my dad said it was very peaceful and quick. Keeping her alive would have been absolute torture for her, and for who know how long. Her ashes were taken to the local priest who was happy to bless them. Fuck these people and their religious objections. If you object then don’t do it, but don’t deny others the right.

Doug105 RandomFana day ago

It’s disrespectful if you don’t follow their beliefs out of fear of hell.

Judas Peckerwood Doug105a day ago

It hurts them terribly when you make the Baby Jesus cry — especially so close to his birthday!

Jay RandomFana day ago edited

It is beyond cruel to make someone suffer. Just so these smug frauds can goat in their own self righteousness.

Ed Ba day ago

Just as with the marriage equality fight,

If you don’t want to be assisted with your suicide, then don’t have one.

Fridaya day ago

Christian ‘religious freedom’ once again demands that others suffer for *Christians’* version of *their* religion.

Jaya day ago edited

These Religious Fascists just never stop trying to control others. One day it would be nice to hear a story about them selflessly helping people. The only thing that seems to motivate them is controlling others and hate.


Ahokea day ago

The conservative mindset has always been “This is America! Nobody can tell me what to do! Freedom! However, I can tell everybody else what to do and I am above reproach.”

I saw it everywhere growing up in the South (Tennessee). They think they’re living their godly life, so nobody can critique them…but they’ll be more than happy to look down on you and condemn you for not following their own “rules”

Ahoke 🔄arithrianos🔄a day ago

It’s always, always to make them feel better about themselves. Make them feel superior to everyone around them and look down on everybody.

DmRa day ago

I’m assuming that this group also has a sincerely-held religious objection to the death penalty, right?

3 thoughts on “Hate Group Sues New Mexico Over Assisted Suicide Law- JMG

  1. They claim that just telling people those options exist is against the religious freedom of the doctors.

    No, folks. To PREVENT a doctor from explaining the options is against HIS rights as a physician. Moreover, explaining something and forcing someone to DO (or not do) something are two different things.


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  2. No medical personnel can be required to assist in any way, in any state’s law. Those medical personnel who do assist are not having any liberty violated, and they are helping a patient keep their own liberty. This is a thing about which I feel strongly; it oughtn’t even be considered suicide, IMO. (I believe) God gave us the grace to learn how to use the stuff He created to create stuff that makes life better for people who suffer. Not proselytizing.


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