OMG: Trump HUMILIATES himself so badly, even Republican ABANDON him

9 thoughts on “OMG: Trump HUMILIATES himself so badly, even Republican ABANDON him

  1. I read somewhere that he’s actually hawking these for some company. Undoubtedly, he gets paid and will also get a cut on the cards sold, but they aren’t like the “personal” products he promotes.


  2. Hi Scottie and Nan;
    I saw those cards and thought them something I might expect from an imaginative 8 year old, or a somewhat backward 12 year old. For a man, a grown ass man who should be mature, considerate, intelligent, focused, as he is running for the highest office in the country it must be a joke, right? Even if this wasn’t a “personal product”, he sold his likeness and endorsement, used his position as a former president, a former world leader, to “hawk” juvenile- well, ‘crap’ is all I can find for a word here.
    Outside consideration of pure joke, who would buy them? Cult followers, yes. How about foreign money? Makes for an easy “contribution”, eh?
    In whatever possible course of reason, it is embarrassing. Just another case of making the presidency and public office a joke where the most ridiculous and outlandish tickle giggles out of the foolish who think “owning the libs” is the ultimate goal. I am reminded of that movie line: “This is a time for serious people, (Don), and your fifteen minutes are up.”
    It’s uncomfortably frequent that I am ironically glad I’m too poor to travel to other countries.


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    1. I totally agree with all that you wrote, Randy. The bottom line is he’s a money-grubbing idiot … and yes, an extremely piss-poor image to be representing the U.S. But what is even more disturbing are the people who see him as a mini-god and will spend hard-earned (and probably sparse) money to buy these stupid things!!


      1. P.S. I actually read where one blogger said he would be inclined to invest in them because they might increase in value. Can you believe it? And the guy’s a Democrat.


        1. Hi Nan;
          I actually need Scottie’s help on this, I think. I just stumbled on something… These are NFT’s. They are digital, no actual object? The thing about them also seems that they hold a value that has no relation to reality. So, an “investor” could purchase this fantasy item for any value he/she perceives it warrants from, lets say for argument sake, the trumps. So, a worthless item could be bought for ridiculous amounts, you know, sort of like a trump tower apartment are, and that money then funneled into the trump organizations for what particular quid pro quo?
          If he wasn’t such a grifter, I’d think that quite the aluminum foil hat idea, but…



            1. I watched about 7 minutes of the video (a record for me!) and pretty much got the drift. Bottom line, it’s just like so many other things that tRumpsky is involved in … a bunch of behind-the-scenes rackets all formed to fleece others out of their hard-earned dollars and put mucho bucks in the pockets of the crooks.

              Little do the people of this country (and especially the MAGA folks) know what goes on under their very noses. Instead, they’re too busy worshiping their idols (and listening to Faux News) to do the research.


  3. Hi Nan and Scottie;
    It is so very ironic that the iconograph for the gop is an elephant, yet the gop’ers seem to have no memory – or simply no shame.
    You are right. A very simple stop and think, a small bit of research…. ok, took me a bit, but I’m slow… and suddenly the issue of the nft’s goes from “how flipping juvenile!” to “that grifting f**&”!
    I found this one today that I thought a much better representation of things:

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