New Hampshire bill would ban gender-affirming care for minors & many adults

This bill is the 3rd one in a week in the state.  This one wont pass, but by constantly pushing them the republicans are making it much more likely they will get bans past.   This is about eliminating trans people.  Stop kids from transitioning then restrict medical access for adults until the ability to live openly as the gender you really are is impossible.   It is a short article but it shows the true goal is the same as the don’t say gay laws in Florida, to eliminate gay or trans kids from schools and promote hatred against the LGBTQI+.  The right and the Christian nationalist are making it clear what they want, all advances in society rolled back.  The improvements in social understanding they want undone, gone.   Hugs

A doctor writing with a teen patient and another patient. Maybe the dishy doctor is writing a prescription for puberty blockers, as described in the article? It's a mystery... well, less a mystery and more like it's a stock photo
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New Hampshire Republicans have proposed a bill that would ban gender-affirming care for both minors and young adults.

Activist Erin Reed pointed out on Twitter that the bill, LSR0071,  is the third proposed in a week that targets trans adults along with youth.

“They will continue to raise the age until states ban transition entirely,” Reed wrote.

“We have been saying a slow moving genocide targeted at eliminating transgender people through eliminating gender affirming care is happening,” she added. “It continues.”

Some commenters noted their belief that the bill is unlikely to pass, but that it is nonetheless horrific it was even proposed.

The bill’s title seems to define gender-affirming care as a type of conversion therapy, which is banned in New Hampshire. It states that the bill seeks to prohibit “gender transition procedures for minors and young adults, relative to sex and gender in public schools, and relative to the definition of conversion therapy.”

The harmful and widely condemned practice of conversion therapy – in which so-called therapists try to force LGBTQ+ people into being straight and cisgender – is the exact opposite of gender-affirming care, which affirms people’s identities.

This week, South Carolina also introduced two bills targeting gender-affirming care for trans youth and young adults.

The bills seek to ban gender-affirming care for anyone under age 21 and make it more challenging to obtain for those over 21.

“South Carolina’s anti-trans legislation goes extremely far,” wrote Reed on her blog, “and South Carolina is now high on my list of states that could join the ‘worst of the worst’ deep red states on my transgender legislative risk map.”


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