Texas Paul Issues URGENT Warning Heading into Holiday Season

A lot of the reason this happens in the US is because we teach our kids to fear anyone seeing their bodies.   Kids in other advanced developed countries are as willing to show themselves to a stranger online hoping it will be a girl / boy they like willing to also show themselves.   In other countries when the person really behind the scam comes out the kids are upset but they don’t freak out and give the person money or even worse more explicit videos.   They do not kill themselves.    Because they know they can go to the parents and tell them, they know that if their friends do get the videos / pictures because they shared their contacts unknowingly that no one will disown them or freak out.  Yes they will get teased but it is not the end of the world.  Hell in the US adults are still trying to ban porn like it is the 1950s.   In the US until the middle to late 1960s it was common for schools that had pools to have the boys swim nude and the girls wear suits often in the pool /pool area at the same time.    I have seen the pictures and read the stories.  No one cared as it was the custom / tradition before the US got hyper modest and back to being prudish.    Here in the US I have read of a rash of kids killing themselves after giving the perpetrator everything they had, hundreds of dollars and including more pictures / videos but they are too scared to tell the parents or let the pictures videos out to their contacts especially if they were gay based.  Kids too afraid of their parents seeing their genitalia that they would give a stranger all the money they had and then kill themselves.   Teens too afraid of their own friends seeing their junk that they are willing to do anything including kill themselves.   In the US we have taken prudishness and weird anti-sex / anti-genitals to the point it is killing our kids.   Yet the republicans only focus on stopping any self-enjoyment to force young adults to marry and have more babies just to experience sex.   As long as it is the correct kind of sex of course.    Hugs 

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