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The weird thing is this entire lie is not needed unless they want to claim to be victims and then vindicated.   Every article on this I have read states that what he demanded the libraries do is to give him the space and promote his Christian religious readings.  That was the rub he wanted the libraries to sponsor him, pay him, and promote his religion.  They refused.  But they all allowed him to book a room and promote it himself, but that wouldn’t give him the media anti-drag queen vibe he wanted.   So then he agrees to book a room, holds his reading which has very few kids and lots of adults, and lies about the mass of people attending.  He claims 2,500 people attended, look how much more popular god is than the sinful drag queens.   But as the library says, their biggest room only holds 300 people.   And he did not book the biggest room.  Why the need to lie?   To push the idea that his god is great and popular and yes the right wing rabid media will report that number as truth knowing it is a lie.  As I was once told it is not a lie if it is for Christ or if it helps us win.  Hugs.

Deadline reports:

Actor Kirk Cameron went on Fox News Channel on Friday to discuss his fight against libraries who have been turning down story-hour book-reading pitches from the publisher of Cameron’s new children’s book As You Grow.

The sit-down came after a reading Thursday a the Indianapolis Public Library drew a sizable crowd — though the library disputes the attendance figures given by publisher Brave Books and repeated by Cameron on air.

Brave Books tweeted out Thursday that the event drew “over 2,500 people,” calling it a record crowd in the library’s 137-year history — stats Cameron referenced on the air. The library disputed that today.

Read the full article. The video below from Cameron’s publisher has 1.1 million views at this writing.


Jean-Marc Canada – ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ2 hours ago

Kirk Cameron Lied…and this is news to who exactly?

Ross2 hours ago

A time-honored Christian value: lying.

Swamp Yankee2 hours ago

When you’re a white Christian, they just let you do it.

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