2022 Climate Disasters Caused $165 Billion In Damage

They keep telling us that the US cannot afford to fight climate change, yet how can we continue to afford ever increasing costs that climate change is causing.   Hugs

NBC News reports:

The United States experienced 18 extreme weather events last year that each caused at least $1 billion in damages, according to a report released Tuesday by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Weather and climate disasters across the country resulted in more than $165 billion in damages in 2022, making it the third-costliest year on record, NOAA officials said.

Last year’s major disasters included three hurricanes, spring tornado outbreaks over the South and Southeast, wildfires in the western U.S., widespread drought, flooding in Kentucky and Missouri over the summer, and a spate of severe storms across the country.

Read the full article.

TexasBoy3 hours ago edited

Don’t worry the MAGAts will fix it,they just need to impeach everyone in the Biden administration….that’ll do it, right? /s

Yves R. Mektin TexasBoy3 hours ago

They also need to put on Stalin-style show trials of Anthony Fauci and a few other scientists before they hang them, and to arrest any drag queens who read books. Then the weather will be fixed.

Prost- 🇺🇦 TexasBoy3 hours ago

The solution to global warming is on Hunter Biden’s laptop.


Darreth Prost- 🇺🇦2 hours ago

But the GQP doesn’t do climate change. They’d delete the files and move on to their favorite topic, which is stolen elections.

HZ813 hours ago

God is obviously angry because drag story time, girl’s softball, something-something…

Sam_Handwich HZ813 hours ago


The_Wretched3 hours ago

A billion here and a billion there. It starts to add up.

Also why mainstream insurance companies are already out of southern Florid and other ‘climate risk’ areas.

We should be moving people out of risk areas and returning them to natural zones already and massively.

BensNewLogin3 hours ago

Better $165 billion in damage then doing anything to mitigate the problems causing The events that caused $165 billion in damage.

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