Let’s talk about Elvis helping us see the future….

Quick update on me before the video that has information that everyone should hear.   I hurt so bad right now I can only stand a few minutes before the pain is so bad I either have to sit or fall.   Of course it is better earlier when I first get up by noon or 1 PM I can barely get up and go to the bathroom before the pain is so severe I am in danger of falling down.    But if I sit the pain builds up in the upper part of my back instead of the lower part so again I have to move.   Mostly right now it seems I get about 3 hours up at most and then 2 hours laying down.   When I take enough medication to help cover the pain which lately has been the maximum of my medications, the next day I am sick to my stomach and have nausea issues.  Think of it like being on a drunken night out at the bars, and how you would feel the next day.   That lasts until I get enough medication back in my system again, and then if I take the maximum again I am sick the next day.    It is a cycle I cannot stand.   Be pain controlled in the afternoon and rest of the day while befuddled with confusion of the medications and the next morning wake up sick with a rolling stomach and nausea that either makes me vomit (three times yesterday) or just feel like I am going to vomit such as today when I did not vomit but felt I could until about 1 PM.   I have an MRI on the 25th.   I am losing the good from the last set of spine shots in the bottom of my spine, so tomorrow I need to call the pain clinic and see if they can adjust my appointment to get another set of spine epidurals for all three sections.   Right now I am spending as much time laying down as I am upright.   However this morning and yesterday morning Ron and I did take a short walk as we used to before the hurricane.   It is much shorter than the other walks were because my back gives out and his hip starts to bother him too much to do a longer one.    If the new spine shots don’t fix this, then I need to change medications to fentanyl or something as strong.   The doctor tells me that fentanyl is much stronger than the medications I am currently taking.  One last thing.   Randy my wonderful brother has tried to get me to look at getting an over the bedside table like hospitals use and using a couple of the old laptops we have or at least the bedroom TV and a laptop to read and answer comments which I bitch constantly I am missing.    Today Ron and I have started talking about it.   It will depend on what the doctors can do.   Hugs

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