Boomer (NOT a Nazi) Gets Mad About Trans People (Debate)

Well what a mind altering interview.   I know the video is described as a debate but it really was a conversation.  At first I was bored and almost shut it off even though I mostly enjoy the channel.   Then I noticed something.  The call in guest got angrier and ever more abusive getting very insulting yet Vaush never reacted to that and instead tried to keep the conversation going centered on the topic.   I loved it.  I have tried to talk to right wing bigots and I have not had the same composure that Vaush did.   It is a great watch if you want to see how a person on the right starts out trying to show how trans people are bad and confused then moves to the point where the one saying this stuff gets very abusive and then just gets really out classed with information to the point where he has to just admit he doesn’t like those trans and hates those people that accept them.  Like I said the first part is boring and forgettable, but fast forward through that if you must and watch the rest.  For me it was worth it.   Hugs

Website – Patreon – Donate – Twitter – Instagram – Facebook – TikTok – Podcast – Intro animation credit goes to & for the visuals, and for the audio! Thank you! 0:00 Intro 1:10 Not a Nazi 6:10 Are Trans Women Real Women? 10:43 What Would You Do If I Said I Wanted a Woman’s Grant? 16:48 Identifying as a Different Weight 23:48 Trans Racial Identities 29:03 Joe Biden is a Dictator 33:00 Trans Women In Sports 40:20 Puberty Blockers 53:00 Final Meme #chickennuggies #transrights

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