DeSantis Appointee Wants Newspaper Banned From College Board Meetings Over Comments By Readers

The far-right fascists are setting up an “educational” system that will groom and recruit children into fascism. This will help them continue turning Florida into the first far-right theo-fascist prototype state.

“I move that we remove USA Today and its affiliates from the list of approved media outlets until an apology is received with a commitment from USA Today to adhere to its own policies,”


By “it’s own policies”, he of course means anything but. Because unlike Fox, ‘USA Today’ has no policy on uncritical pandering to Republicans and their talking points.

From the party that whines about cancel culture……..

This is fascism.

Which most Republicans are just fine with.

Which is terrifying.

And what if they say the wrong magic spell at the beginning of hearings?

I posted this just a day ago and yet here we are again. I’m afraid we’ll be needing this a lot in the foreseeable future.


“I only want professors and staff that will support my radical right-wing ideology and ban any media that does not provide 100% fawning coverage – but I stand for freedom!”

… and start each class with a prayer…..


but what about my sincerely held religious beliefs???

“Among them is a proposal to identify “wokeness” as a “set of beliefs” akin to religion. He then wants to identify aspects of wokeness that are “shared values” worth preserving, that are “dogmatic” and should be excluded from curriculum and that are “pledges of fealty” that should be actively fought against.”

He doesn’t quite understand logical follow-though ….

That’s because they actually believe that the First Amendment only means conservative Christianity.

Hi! In today’s discussion of the First Amendment, we’ll see how we can ban reporters because their papers publish nasty letters!!

I guess he doesn’t realize that he’s now part of the Florida state government and it is illegal and unconstitutional for him to attempt to punish or suppress speech.


Every public school in the state is now required to suppress speech.

This is only a preview of what’s to come if he gets in the white house.

I’m guessing the ultimate goal is to completely close the “New College” and convert it into a government-run seminary. Apparently the separation of church and state is not a thing anymore.

Or Hillsdale College South. It’s what DeSantis has said he wants.

Of course, Hillsdale is a private college. But I’m not convinced our conservative courts will care about the distinction anymore.



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