Armed Proud Boys harass children outside of Utah drag show

Domestic terrorism.  Terrorism is the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.   This time the police did intervene and it shows that the message is getting out about what is really happening.   But again the Proud Boys who are the violent enforcers of the right won.   Future performances are on hold, cancelled to protect the children from the violence of the people who claim to want to protect them.   This is a made up issue, there is nothing sexual in a family friendly drag show, it is all about enforcing a dress code and making sure kids know that dressing differently will not be tolerated, so don’t even think of doing it.   It is a way for the right to attack the idea of trans people even existing.   It is a dress code for the entire public as well.  Look at what the Proud Boys person said, it is sexual because it is a man dressed as a woman dancing.  That alone makes it sexual to them, and he compared it to a strip club.   Recently one of the deep red states in the south passed a dress code for their legislature that required that woman cannot wear pants and must wear skirts that can be no shorter than one inch above the knee.   WTF.   We hear from the right about parents’ rights not to have any mention of LGBTQ+ around their kids including books in libraries their kids never go to, all so your kids never get to access that material either.   But when a parent wants to express approval and acceptance of drag queens and the LGBTQ+ the right refuses them that right.   This is the US Christian Taliban forcing the country back to a regressive past removing all the advancements in civil rights.    Read the short article it is all clearly said.   Hugs

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An image promoting Bes-TeasPhoto: Instagram

Five Proud Boys, armed with a semi-automatic rifle and a handgun, intimidated children and parents attending a monthly all-ages drag event inside a wine and tea shop in Salt Lake City, Utah on January 20. The event’s organizers have temporarily paused all future performances to plan a response and ways to ensure attendees’ safety.

The monthly event, entitled “Bes-Teas” and hosted at the Tea Zaanti shop, features drag queens performing to Disney songs. Its producer, local drag queen Tara Lipsyncki, said the regularly sold-out event is family-friendly, contains neither swearing nor sexual content, and in no way resembles a nightclub show.

Nevertheless, Proud Boys — dressed in black camo and face masks — stood outside the shop in freezing temperatures for all three hours of the event, calling attendees “groomers” and saying they should be ashamed. The venue’s co-owner Scott Lyttle called police after one of the Proud Boys allegedly yelled at an 8-year-old attendee, Lipsyncki said. Police questioned the protestors, told them to stop using their megaphone and told them to remain on the sidewalk.

“We’re not here to impede on people’s way of life,” one anonymous Proud Boys member told The Salt Lake Tribune, adding that his organization only protested because children attended. “You would never bring a kid to a strip club. Why would this be any different? Sexualized women dancing in front of boys — this is a man dressed as a woman dancing sexually in front of children.”

“I believe a lot of things affect children, whether it be a drag show or a scary movie, children are impressionable,” he added. “When we start to blur the lines between good and bad, men and women, it starts to become an issue because then laws start to get passed … it just gets real messy.”

The protester didn’t say whether he also leads armed protests outside of cinemas where minors see scary movies. The Proud Boys — whose members commonly engage in misogynistic, Islamaphobic, transphobic, and anti-immigration rhetoric — have increasingly protested drag events alongside other white supremacist and neo-Nazi groups.

Numerous adult attendees told the aforementioned publication that they came to support the queer community and show their kids the performers’ love and creativity.

Lipsyncki called the protest “nerve-wracking for the adults” but said the children seemed to enjoy themselves.

“What’s worse, you scaring a child with a gun, or me pantomiming Be Our Guest?” the performer wrote on Instagram. “If you’re going to spew hate, at least do it openly without hiding behind a gun and a mask.”

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In a follow-up Instagram post, Lipsyncki wrote that the protest demonstrates that “the fight against queer youth… is escalating past empty online threats to the intent to cause physical harm.”

“While this makes the mama bear in me want to fight harder and stand my ground on the importance of all-ages queer events, it is simply not safe or fair to put other people, especially children, on the front line with gunfire,” Lipsyncki wrote.

She said future Bes-Teas events have been temporarily paused while organizers figure out a way to respond to protesters while ensuring the safety of all involved.

“This is not the end of our show or our mission to support queer youth in any sort of way,” Lipsynki wrote. “This is a strategic decision about how to best move forward and win the war against hate. Because don’t be mistaken, this is a war — there is blood on these Proud Boys’ and MAGA people’s hands.”

Last August, the same venue received hateful messages and bad online reviews from out-of-state trolls after the anti-LGBTQ+ social media account LibsOfTikTok posted a video of a young girl at a Bes-Teas performance dancing with a drag performer to the Oscar-nominated Disney song “We Don’t Talk About Bruno.”

Comments said the performers were “doing the devil’s work” and “abusing children for their pleasure.”


Lyttle said [he and his co-owner wife] were called “child abusers, groomers and disgusting perverts,” according to the Saly Lake Tribune, and were even compared to alleged child sex trafficker, the late Jeffrey Epstein. 

The dancing girl’s father, August Wachter, told the Tribune that his daughter, who suffers from anxiety, opened up and bravely ran up to dance with the performer. He also said there was nothing remotely sexual about the dance.

“The fact that she was able to get up there with total strangers, be brave enough to do her thing, it was heartening for us,” he said.

“The actual grooming that’s happening is on the other side, where all these people are grooming their kids to hate other people because of how they dress and who they love,” Watcher said. “As parents, we’re trying to raise our kids to be good, respectful human beings for everyone around them.”


4 thoughts on “Armed Proud Boys harass children outside of Utah drag show

  1. Scottie, picking on people does not make a man, especially when the targets are children. It is jerk thing to do and can be criminal. And, it is nothing to be “proud” of. Keith

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  2. Here’s a bit of relief:
    It is one of George Takei’s busy pages, but it’s not very long; it’s just some nice news that the Sims game has become more inclusive, both to LGBTQ+ and to the hearing and lower-body impaired. A great tweet is included, saying how happy the tweeter is to see themselves in the game. That’s gotta bring a smile; it did for me, anyway!


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