FAA Investigates Near-Miss At Austin Airport [VIDEO]

As you watch the tweet with the altitude and speed of the two aircraft the skill of the FedEx pilot is a lot more impressive once you realize that he had to make sure he did not pull ahead of the passenger plane trying to take off yet also try to gain as much altitude distance between the other plane which also was trying to gain altitude.   James works at the airport.   When I showed him the video he pointed out to us how the FedEx pilot made sure to not pull in front of the other plane because the backwash from his own engines would have torn the lower plane apart and prevented its ability to take off.   James told us that the force coming out of those engines can do damage even 200 feet behind the plane.   The airport teaches the workers to be wary of the plane engines because when they wind up they can flip cars and kill people.   He said just recently they had a person get caught in just the edge of a plane running up the engines.   He said it flipped the person over fifty feet, lucky the man tucked into a ball and let the force roll him.  Anyway for having to make a split second decision and make it work out I think the FedEx pilot deserves a huge complement and reward.    Hugs

One thought on “FAA Investigates Near-Miss At Austin Airport [VIDEO]

  1. Why aren’t the folks in the tower paying more attention? Sure, the skill of the FedEx pilot is exemplary, but seems to me it shouldn’t have happened in the first place.


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