You Are Lied to Every Day

We are constantly being lied to by people online. These people are not your friends. Do not trust someone just because they claim to belong to your political “team”. The lying has become endemic. By design it has caused us to hate, fear, and fragment.

2 thoughts on “You Are Lied to Every Day

  1. Scottie, well done. I was thinking this morning about the degree of gaslighting that goes on in our world, heightened by social media, spin-doctored news and opinion news entertainers. It is hard to spot some of it. For example, about 40% of less metropolitan local news stations are owned by a company called Sinclair Broadcasting, a conservative bent company. On these stations, the news editor is obligated to read the same editorial written by corporate folks. Why is this important? People trust their local news station more than the national one. John Oliver did a piece on Sinclair on his show once. Keith


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