Texas School Official Leaves Gun In Student Bathroom

Everyone said this and worst would happen.   But gun ammosexuals are one orientation pushed hard in red state schools.  The superintendent said there was never any danger other than a kid finding it and shooting someone, which minimizes kids have access to guns and the death of someone by gun violence.   The mistaken idea is teachers or school personnel having guns will make schools safer.   Here we clearly see they do not.    A third grader is an 8 year old and recently we had a 6 year old threaten to kill people with a gun and shoot his teacher.   Really the goal should be to remove guns from schools and keep them out.   A good start to that is to reduce them from society.    Hugs

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Abilene’s NBC affiliate reports:

A 3rd grader in Rising Star found a gun the superintendent left in a school bathroom. Superintendent Robby Stuteville confirms the 3rd grader found the gun back in January and notified a teacher immediately without moving or touching the weapon.

Stuteville walked KTAB and KRBC through the incident, explaining that both he and the school principal open carry on campus. When he was using the restroom, Stuteville says he took the gun off and placed it in a stall, where it was then left unattended for around 15 minutes until it was found by the student.

“There was never a danger other than the obvious,” Stuteville claimed. He then went on to say he was “proud” of the student and commended his behavior after finding the firearm.

“There was never a danger other than the obvious,”


Wow. So, no danger other than absolute disaster. Don’t worry. Just a child with a gun.

So not only did he forget his gun, but he didn’t notice it for a whole 15 minutes. How much training did he get?

As much as the open carry law required…

The Superintendent did NOT notice that he did not have his gun in the holster for those 15 minutes – he only realized it was gone when an 8 year old boy discovered it and brought it to the adults attention. The Superintendent could have not realized his gun was missing for 8 hours !

“There was never a danger other than the obvious,” Stuteville claimed.

The obvious danger: Stuteville.

I’d never even heard of Rising Star, Texas. I had to look it up. It is about halfway between Killeen and Abilene. The entire school district only has 186 students.
Several things I don’t understand here.
Why the fuck was he using a student bathroom at an elementary school? I never use a student bathroom at an elementary or middle school. (female student bathrooms are filthy) I can’t imagine the guys.
The town only has a population of approximately 840 people. What did he need to protect himself from?
Why would he need to remove his gun? The urinal wouldn’t require him to do that.
The toilets in most elementary schools are much smaller than normal for small kids.
His ass would not have fit.
This is stupid. Typical, small Texas town attitude.

Why the fuck was he using a student bathroom at an elementary school?


Perhaps the Superintendant also has a part-time job as a “youth pastor”?

This is the first thing that jumped out for me too. An adult should never be using the kids restroom in school. That feels very off.

Regarding the condition of student bathrooms — my first job out of high school was working as a substitute janitorIn the school district I graduated from. By far the most disgusting place to clean were the middle school girls bathrooms. The boys smelled, but the girls were filthy.

Nearly every day there were used tampons thrown on the walls and floors. They would also kiss the mirrors and leave greasy lipstick marks that were miserable to clean up. One of the women janitors fixed that problem at one of the schools by going into the main girls bathrooms during a class change, dipping the squeegee into a toilet, then cleaning the mirror with it. Girls were howling in horror and it stopped the mirror kissing a for a few years at that school.

I agree, except for one point. Janitorial staff where I worked when I retired, all said that the women’s bath rooms were the worst!

The town only has a population of approximately 840 people. What did he need to protect himself from?

Them Big City Liebruls coming to take him away in Jade Helm and put him in one of those FEMA camps.

It’s not about protecting himself; its a macho pride thing! I think a grown man carrying a gun in a children’s school is probably considered a more acceptable way of letting the kids know that you are a grown MAN, than walking around the school with your cock hanging out of your pants. But then again it is Texas, so…

That’s not macho pride; that’s insecurity in their manhood. See: truck nuts, gun racks, gun safes, gated communities, “business appropriate” dress codes, “Eff Your Feelings” t-shirts and MAGA ballcaps.

““This is one of those examples of guns in schools.” Stuteville said. “Regardless of who takes responsibility, they are a considerable danger and one should school their child to be on the lookout for any unusual placement of a weapon or anything out of place.””

Yes, teach your children to watch out for guns everywhere. What a sad fucking life this has turned out to be because of losers like Robby Stuteville.

Or maybe you should just leave your gun at home, in a locked cabinet, and not in the boy’s rest room at your school, idiot?

I think it is an example of what can happen when teachers and school administrators carry weapons in a school. While I agree that with all of the shootings that are happening in schools, there is a strong argument favoring armed personnel in the schools, it should be restricted to competent, law enforcement personnel that are well trained in gun safety. I would also argue that law enforcement personnel carrying guns in schools should be better trained and more qualified than the average law enforcement officer in the United States. The United States spends less money training law enforcement personnel that almost every country in the world, and I do not think that is good enough when children’s lives are at stake.

Except the Uvalde Texas school cops & regular cops proved to the world that current-day cops are too scared to take on a school shooter, therefore, what is the point of having any cop at a school ? And this civilian, older man who is the Superintendent is an example that non-professionals are not up for the job of carrying a gun either. It’s almost like guns are the problem and perhaps we need to do what other countries have done and make the restrictions around guns very intense to avoid a further loss of life.

“There was never a danger other than the obvious….”

Translation: we got lucky that the 3rd grader who found the gun didn’t accidentally shoot himself or someone else so we don’t see a problem.

Texans have no concerns about obvious dangers. It’s the sneaky dangers like drag queen hours that worry them.



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