Happening now…

Happening now…

In 1 minute, a senate committee in Kansas will be holding a hearing to ban gender affirming care up to the age of 21.

It is one of the most cruel anti-trans bans in the country.

I will be covering it live. Follow along.


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You can follow along with me and watch the hearing here:

The bill is SB12.

We are beginning now.

Looks like the bill has been shifted to SB233, which has some differences in penalties.

Aaaand of course we have Chloe Cole.

You’d think if they are swimming in detransitioners they’d be able to find more than the same 5 they bring to every one of these.

Political Detransitioners like Chloe Cole really are the new ex-gays.

They used to trot the ex gays out before each hearing too for bans on gay marriage and conversion therapy.


"I have to remove my hair with laser hair removal"

(advocates for a bill that will force hundreds of trans amab youth through a male puberty which will result in them having to go through laser hair removal and expensive surgeries as adults)

This guy is testifying from "Mass Resistance."

This organization is responsible for a book called "The Hazards of Homosexuality," a pro-conversion therapy outlet that calls gay people's existance a "public health issue"

Like I said. The new ex gays, folks.

This is one of their main invited testimonies.

See Mass Resistance here:


And we have our first "the testimony of Jamie Reed" in Washington University at St Louis.

I have a point by point refutation of Jamie.


Dr. Gaylyn Perry is speaking not on behalf of any medical organization.

She’s a pulmonologist, not an endocrinologist.

She’s a sleep therapist.

Also she's stating that Europe is "closing its clinics."

Not a single country she is referring to has categorically banned gender affirming care.

From the Alabama lawsuit, relying on Europe helped sink that bill in court:

"No country in Europe has categorically banned gender affirming care"

Now a retired doctor is testifying.

“I’m here to speak the truth about natural law and the truth given to us by our savior.”

This is not medically oriented testimony and his belief in god should have no bearing on the right of parents to make decisions for their kids.

This doctor is using the old 2011 study of "19x suicide rates" among trans people.

This is an inaccurate reading of the Dhejne study, who has specifically come out against people reading it that way:

Essentially, they are comparing a specific high risk group trans people to the general public, and not to trans people with no interventions, and it was also looking at a 30 year retrospective during some of the worst acceptance of trans people in history. (1980s)

A representative of the Kansas American Academy of Pediatrics with 450 physicians in Kansas.

She’s saying that this decision should be between doctors and patients and families.

The ACLU of KS representative is speaking.

"This bill violates the constitutional rights of children, parents, and doctors"

“It places politicians feelings against medical advice of hundreds of thousands of doctors”

"Every state attempting to defend these bills has lost"

“People will die. Families will suffer. The practice of medicine will be compromised.”

“The very care this bill attacks is responsible for my life.”

Another trans person, a trans man, is speaking.

He was on puberty blockers til 17, and took testosterone.

“College was much easier after I had my medical interventions to be my true self.”

“I can’t imagine such a life without them.”

A WPATH Doctor is speaking.

“This bill will directly impact the lives of transgender youth, directly impacting lives. Their blood will be on your hands. This is unethical.”

"For a minor to access gender affirming care, I ensure in collaboration with mental health experts assess the consistent, insistent, and persistent presence of gender dysphoria and require consent from parents" and she talks about all of the hoops patients have to jump through.

Reverend Kayla Simons Wood is speaking on behalf of Kansas Interaction.

Submits testimony from 10 clergy opposing this bill.

“I and many other Christians believe trans people are created in Gods image.”

Beth Oller:

“I provide full spectrum care from babies to end of life and I provide gender affirming care. I am an actual practicing Kansas physician.”

“The majority of people detransition not because they are not trans, but because of violence and difficulties with family”

"We need to listen to their perspective rather than the curated presentation in front of you"

Senator Stephen is asking Dr. Hubbard, a WPATH doctor, a question.

"Ms. Hubbard, Are you telling me the AAP unwaiveringly supports surgical interventions"

Dr. Hubbard: “I would appreciate it if you refer to me as Dr. Hubbard, please.”

Then points out that the treatments are tailored to the individuals.

Questioner: "Can you tell me where from Kansas you received your gender affirming care?"

"I'm not from Kansas…"

Questioner: "Is this the first time you've testified?"


Asking Dr Crabs:

"Your testimony was from the 1980s about transgender suicides. So not current. Can I ask you where you practiced?"

"I did not practice here"

"can you verify you had a license in kansas?"

The chair cut her off.

Now a Senator is asking Dr. Beth Oller where she works (one of the people against the bill):

The doctor responds she works in Kansas.

Strongly pointing out that all of the people in support of the bill are coming from out of state.

Now a Senator is asking one of the trans man transitioners if he was given all of the info around his transition.

He answers in the affirmative.

Now they are asking a question of one of the detransitioners,

"Do you believe you were groomed into the decision to transition?"

“I don’t believe in using that word… it’s too divisive…”

This hearing isn't going super well for them.

(They'll probably still vote it through)

ACLU witness:

“I am referring to the 1.3 million doctors that are represented by the medical organizations that support this care.”

This Senator is claiming puberty blockers and HRT are causing early onset cancer.

There’s no evidence of any sort of outbreak of early onset cancer in trans youth.

Asked of the AAP representative if the majority supports gender affirming care in their chapter.

She testifies yes, most of the 450 do.

Now she is asking about the Missouri whistleblower.

“A radical supporter of the far left has blown the whistle”

“Are there other areas of medical practice where the child directs their health care?”

The doctor: “Everything the child is involved in, but the child themselves does not direct gender diverse issues. It’s parents, doctors”

The doctor in the zoom call wanted to jump in and answer, but the chair cut the committee short and immediately adjourned.

I guess we're done for the day?

That was abrupt.

I have never seen such a rushed hearing with so few witnesses called forward… what the heck did I just see?

Sorry to those of you who showed up to testify who didn't get to.

Well… thanks for following along. We'll watch to see how they vote. Please support my independent reporting and activism by subscribing.


Originally tweeted by Erin Reed (@ErinInTheMorn) on February 14, 2023.