Super “Filthy” Secrets About Sex On Slave Farms

This is the history of black people in the US that DeathSantis and the republican racists like Marge Greene want desperately to bury and hide.   They are making laws to prevent this honest teaching of history illegal while claiming it is just to make white kids feel bad of their white skin.   We need to get serious before we lose our entire true history.  The Daughters of the Confederacy in both the 1920s and the 1960s raced to slap up monuments to the South, to Dixie, claiming the confederate battle flag represented heritage and the civil war was about states rights.  But what right did the Southern states demand, by their own writings it was the right to own black people as property like cattle to do with them as they wished including raping them or other mistreatments.  Both times it was about reminding black people that they were less than whites and that whites owned them once and would always be above them.    We really have to prevent the white supremist washing of the US history.   The US can be the shining city on the hill but only if the people move forward socially instead of retreating into a fake mythical past.     Hugs

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