SURVEY: 80% Support Broad LGBTQ Protections

Finally some good news.   This is why when the republicans in the red states say they are doing the will of the people, what they really mean is the will of their own minority, not the will of the majority of people.    Republicans have always been about a rabid ideologically driven minority ruling over the majority.   The majority of the people are pretty accepting with a live and let live attitude.   It is only those that demand the right to oppress others and to force others to live according to their church doctrines that support the republican anti-gay anti-trans legislation.    Hugs

The Freedom From Religion Foundation reports:

A new national survey has reassuring findings that Americans of almost all religions and no religion are growing ever more supportive of LGBTQ rights.

For instance, eight in 10 Americans (80 percent) in the Public Religion Research Institute survey support laws against discrimination in jobs, public accommodations and housing against gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people. Even 62 percent of white evangelical Protestants, tied with Hispanic Protestants, favor such nondiscrimination laws. Jehovah’s Witnesses were at the bottom of the barrel, yet half support nondiscrimination protections.

Interestingly, in states showing the lowest level of support for nondiscrimination (Alabama, Nebraska, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota), two-thirds of state citizens themselves are against such discrimination, showing that state legislatures are not keeping up with demographics.

Read the full article.

The original survey is here.

Breakdown by religion is here.



Yeah, but it’s the 20% that are doing the work to take rights away.

The GOP lost its biggest vote driver: Abortion.

So, we are the new boogeyman.

But I can find no data showing that this is attracting new voters. Indeed, it’s repelling young voters, and the die-hard GOP base, the Silent Generation (late 70s), is dying off at a clip.

And this, this, is why the GOP is now openly trying to steal elections.

You’re dead-on. With its base eroding, and scapegoats proving less effective, the GOP is becoming more desperate. Blatant disregard for laws and protocols is the order of the day.

in a normal democracy, one that actually represents the people, we LBGTs rights would have been secured a long time ago.
The good news, though, is that despite all the efforts of our enemies and the news media, we are winning the hearts and minds of Americans.

I live in Kansas.

In a town of 450 people.

I’m openly gay.

The town has always embraced me, and my sexuality has never been an issue.

Another openly gay man sits on the town council, and he’s an EMT. He’s also a cowboy.

One of the largest ranchers in the area is a lesbian.

And so on.

None of this would have been possible when I was born in 1957.

SO true, the same with where I grew up! Coming out of closets in the last 50 years to our family, friends and neighbors has made all the difference. They see us as regular normal people now, the old stereotypes are gone for the most part but politicians are still pushing them with their “groomer/pedophile”. It’s not going to work, it will backfire!

I hope you are right. The drag queen stuff is not on this poll, though. I have a feeling that a lot of people will say yes to rights for generic gays and lesbians, but not some other specific subgroups.

So, in summation:


That about correct?

I keep saying this:

While the evil voices have been very LOUD of late, LGBTQ acceptance is higher than it’s ever been.

And yet, I worry that there’s always a time lag with any cultural shifts. Give it a few years for the GQP’s current anti-gay campaign to take effect and let’s see what the numbers are then. I like to be optimistic, but I often harbor serious doubts about this country whenever this topic comes up.

Give the current gay-positive generation of young people a chance to have children, only then to decide that they’d rather not have their kids be gay and then shift their political allegiances accordingly. I’m old enough to have seen this happen before, as have you.


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