Tennessee City OKs Pride Festival In 5-4 Vote [VIDEO]

Again people are not forced to go to or watch a pride parade.   Yet these Christian Taliban don’t care that participation is voluntary but instead wants to keep everyone from viewing the pride parades and banning them from being presented at all.   Please note that one of the people against it was angry that the parade organizers won’t provide a booth for a Christian group to berate the parade participants / viewers and also to demand that gays never have sex with others but instead stay celibate.    Also notice that in all prior years there was no issue with the parade, but now the Christian fundamentalists feel free to demand the entire community live by their views like a ruling religion.    Hugs  

Nashville’s Fox affiliate reports:

The City of Franklin voted to allow the annual Pride festival to occur in town this year. This comes right after the city decided to wait to vote on the “community decency” policy for another few weeks.

The result came after the aldermen tied 4-4 in their votes, making it so Mayor Ken Moore of Franklin had to break the tie. He said while he approved the permit, he warned those putting on the festival will be under a microscope, but ultimately Moore said he wants to unite the community.

The Tuesday night vote comes just weeks after Governor Bill Lee signed the drag bill into law in March, which bans “adult-oriented performances” in places where children would be able to view them.

Nashville’s ABC affiliate reports:

Some aldermen said they received threatening emails from people over this vote and repeated that figuring out which way to vote was not as easy of a decision in particular because of a potential lawsuit if they deny Franklin Pride the permit.

According to city leaders, last year, the event’s permit was approved 8-0 and the city has never denied a permit. “I don’t want to see a guy twerking in front of me. I am 60 years old,” said one speaker. “God’s word is clear that homosexuality is a sin,” said another.

While they were in the minority Tuesday night, those who wanted the event to take place believed denying the permit would infringe on their free speech, and send a harmful message to the LGBT community, and people who don’t want to attend are not forced to do so.

Give the tweets below a minute to fully load.


Christians Seek To Ban Tennessee Pride Festival

One mother claimed that the festival was part of a coordinated national movement to groom children. A man read a passage from the Bible about resisting “sexual immorality.” “You think you are doing things based on laws,” a crying woman said, “but you are letting Satan in.”

Read the full article. Festival organizers have already agreed that there won’t be any drag performances.

Please notice that even when the organizers gave into these Christian Taliban by limiting what is and has been accepted free speech in public society for a long time by agreeing that they wouldn’t have drag at the event.   Not risky sexual drag from an adult venue but not drag at all.   I guess dressing up like Dolly Parton which is a favorite of drag queens is now to sexual for people to see.  But it is not enough, these religious haters that want to force their religion church doctrine on everyone, they want the full Russian model of removing pride and the LGBTQ+ removed from society along with removed from the public in all cases.    These are the same people that freak out when people want to restrict them from plastering their religious symbols everywhere and who try to pass laws to protect the display of confederate statues / symbols.   But they do not give that courtesy to the rest of us, instead they try to demand their church doctrines rule us all.   Hugs


If you don’t like Pride Fest then don’t go. Don’t think it’s appropriate for kids, then don’t take any. Problem solved. I steer clear of plenty of things myself. Most of us do.

Also, I have ancestors who were here in the 1600s so I guess that guy would think I have even more say than he does? What bullshit. You’re either a citizen or you aren’t no matter when you or your ancestors got here.

I wonder how he would react if a Native American countered his argument with the fact that their ancestors lived in the area before the white man arrived.


There is no hate like Christian hate –

“We will know them by their hatreds.”

Any religious hate.

Reason is lost on these people – they don’t want to listen to it or accepting of anyone that has different beliefs than they do. Hopeless.

“God’s word is clear that homosexuality is a sin,”

If your ‘god’ wants a say in our secular system, he can pay taxes like the rest of us.

“I don’t want to see a guy twerking in front of me. I am 60 years old,” said one speaker. “God’s word is clear that homosexuality is a sin,” said another.

You can turn around, walk away, close your eyes, etc. But then it’s not about that, is it? It’s about Other People Having Fun.

““God’s word is clear that homosexuality is a sin,” said another.”

A) It’s not all that clear to me that the Christian bible is the word of any god
B) The Christian bible isn’t all that clear that homosexuality is a sin, especially when compared with other rules
C) Even assuming A and B, the Christian bible has a lot more to say about sins like divorce and eating pork or shellfish, yet I don’t see these folks out in near riot mode against those

Adultery makes God’s Top Ten. I’ve read somewhere that the Christians feel comfortable going after gays because, as opposed to adulterers, they can convince themselves that they don’t know any homos.


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