Some trans news

KS Lawmakers Override Gov’s Veto On Bathroom Bill

Son Of MT Gov Lobbies Him Against Anti-LGBTQ Bills

Ex-NBA Star: We Left FL To Protect Our Trans Daughter

Texas Senate Approves Bill To Prevent Doctors From Getting Liability Insurance Related To Trans Healthcare


Another trans man



Oh, that’s just brilliant. GOP lawmakers prefer that these people use the ladies rooms:




And these folks should use the men’s rooms:

If it actually happened, the initial result would be hysteria and attacks by the majority of Kansas patrons. But the actual result will be that transgender Kansans will refrain from using public bathrooms, refrain from making themselves a target, and move away. And that’s the GOP’s ultimate goal, of course: the elimination of transgender people from their state. After which, these loathsome politicians can aim their attacks at lesbians and gays, Jews, Blacks and other “undesirables.”



As April tells us it is not the trans people who blend in that these bills will hurt, but trans people like her who do not blend well due to having to go through the wrong puberty and transitioning later in life.   She is correct, not that she is an ugly woman, but these laws give the haters a reason to challenge those that they don’t think are womanly enough or manly enough so these haters will demand others prove to them their gender.   They don’t have that right but these laws make them think they do.    April is now scared to use public facilities in her state for fear she will be assaulted by people who don’t think she is feminine enough to use a woman’s bathroom.      Hugs

I do that already without a bathroom bill. Me being a member of Team Ugly I’ve already been hassled so I avoid public restrooms that must be shared.

It’s demoralizing.

This is also a perfect example of how this law is nothing but showboating for all the stoopids. Nobody’s checking the birth certificate of these people, they’re going to continue to use the bathroom they know is now the correct one for them.

Every public bathroom ever has STALLS with DOORS that LOCK.
All anyone ever wants is to go in that stall, lock the door, and do their business in private. Without someone outside bothering them. Give people their dignity.

Who will be the genital police screening people entering bathrooms?

Seriously, They are the Party of…


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