And what nation is the happiest on earth. Spoiler it is not the USA

6 thoughts on “And what nation is the happiest on earth. Spoiler it is not the USA

    1. Could be that, too (would be for me!), but over the years, they keep saying it’s the safety net. No one has to worry about being out in that cold with no shelter or food. Yet they still work, and their economies thrive, most of the time.

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      1. (I recall first learning about Finland’s desirability after GW took office; Finland elected a woman leader. There was all sorts of discussion on the email lists I was on, including about how hard it can be to learn Finnish, but what a wonderful place to live, with actual free, fair elections, and people taking care of each other. I’ve watched the happiest country bits every year since then.)

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    2. If you expand the list to, say, the top 10 happiest nations, you’ll see that cold is less of a factor, but being social democracies is important. It’s those nations that have functioning social welfare systems that seem to be the happiest. On that basis, I’m surprised to see the USA is as high as it is at 19th 🙂

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