Texas GOP Rep: “Our Schools Are Not God-Free Zones”

This is another attempt at a Christian take over of the US.   As is pointed out, the idea that the US was founded as a Christian nation is a complete fabrication fantasy by religious zealots.   But these Christian warriors won’t stop, won’t be deterred by facts, and will keep pushing until they manage to take over the US and create the Christian Taliban to force the public to live by their religious doctrines.   Think of it, everyone forced to live by the dictates of the worst of the fundamentalist of the Christian religion.  We have seen this in other countries where religion has taken over the government.  Think of Iran, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia.   Women lose all rights, no other religions tolerated, schools do not teach facts or science but instead push religious text as the truth no matter how impossible or debunked they are.   You think the bans on abortion, trans people including adults allowed medical treatment to transition, and bans on drag shows are the end of what these religious zealots want?   No, they want complete control to force their religion, their religious way of life on all the public.   First they took over the Republican Party and then the courts.   Now they are taking over state governments and school boards.   Back in the 1980s Christian leaders pushed their most harden followers to go to homeschooling.   Because it is clear that education shows the flaws of fundamentalist religious beliefs.   The more liberal a church tries to force people to believe in the bible / holy texts the more good education based in science and historical fact disproves it.   So the solution was to ruin public education.   And that is what has been happening by the Republican Party driven by corporate greed and religious zealotry.   I just read some more actions of Florida to force government to pay for private / religious education.   Interesting fact, countries that do not have private schools have the greatest quality public education.   Because if the wealthy have to use the same schools as the public or the poor, they make damn sure those schools are well funded and have the best teachers possible producing the best outcomes for all students.   In the US you have expensive private schools that have the best education for the smallest amount of students, public education system for the majority of students that struggle to provide an education, and the worst possible homeschooling or charter schools which can mean anything from a single focused education on one subject to simply pushing religious dogma as truthful accepted education.   The children are the future as everyone knows, so the ideology and religious zealots are trying to change the future by keeping the children from learning true science, true history, true biology, and true understanding of reality.   Hugs 

Courthouse News reports:

Senate Bill 1515 would require a poster of the Ten Commandments to be in every public school classroom in the state. Under Senate Bill 1396, public school districts would be able to adopt policies allowing for a moment of prayer and a reading from the Bible or other religious text during the school day. Senate Bill 763 is a measure that would allow school districts to employ chaplains to serve as school counselors.

Republican state Senator Mayes Middleton of Galveston authored both SB 1396 and SB 763. During the layout of SB 1396 on the Senate floor, he told his fellow lawmakers that the bill is needed to expand religious liberties in public schools. “The reality is that our school children and faculty spend much of their lives in the school building and classroom…and our schools are not God-free zones,” said Middleton.

The Texas Tribune reports:

Waving a copy of the Ten Commandments and a 17th-century textbook, amateur historian David Barton recently argued that Christianity has always formed the basis of American morality and thus is essential to Texas classrooms.

“This is traditional, historical stuff,” he told a Texas Senate Education Committee last month. “It’s hard to say that anything is more traditional in American education than was the Ten Commandments.”

For nearly four decades, Barton has preached that message to politicians and pews across the country, arguing that church-state separation is a “myth” that is disproven by centuries-old texts, like the school book he showed senators, that reference the Ten Commandments and other religious texts.

As Right Wing Watch has doggedly reported for years, Barton’s claims that foundational US documents directly quote the bible are completely false.

Mayes Middleton is a former board member of the anti-LGBTQ Texas Public Policy Foundation, which is behind the state’s ongoing pogrom against trans people.



A perfect example of grooming

When I was in public school I was very religious. I prayed often. Of course my intent was to pray not to make a big show of praying. I did it as often and in the way I wanted. I didn’t need anyone to tell me when or how to do it. This is still true. To quote George Will (yes, I know but it’s a good quote): “As long as there are math tests, there will be prayer in the public schools.”

This isn’t about God being in schools. This is about staking out territory and making those who aren’t their specific brand of Christianity feel marginalized. That’s the point. A good many Christians are uncomfortable with these measures, not because they don’t think children should learn about religion or pray, but because the teachings are not in line with what they teach at home and at their churches. Evangelicals love to talk as if they speak for all Christians. The rest of American Christianity really needs to stand up against their tyranny.

Yes, your schools are technically, God Free Zones. If you want God in your school, that’s what Catholic and Christians and other religious schools are there for. Please don’t try to push your “Christian Morals” on everyone in Public Schools. Because not everyone follows what you believe in.

I thought this was settled LAW, the Separation of Church and State. This needs to be absolutely challenged if this becomes law in Texas.

It should be, but I think this is exactly what they want. They want it kicked up to SCOTUS, where they’re counting on it being overturned.

Settled law and stare decisis is dead.


8 thoughts on “Texas GOP Rep: “Our Schools Are Not God-Free Zones”

  1. Hi Scottie;
    Our country was developed in Great Great part by people who left empires, such as the English, the French, The Italian, The Spanish that were run by people who didn’t like what their religion said, so changed their religion. Bishops, Cardinals and Kings made fluid laws and rules that can be changed by simply being powerful enough. Usually, that was simply having enough money/gold. I mean, there was a particular King of England that made his own church because he wanted a different wife. And, these leaders justified their changes and whims on the idea that being in leadership was due to God putting them there, and arguing against that was arguing against God – which is blasphemy and we won’t talk about the Spanish Inquisition.
    America was made a constitutional republic with the sole purpose of not having a king or a church in control. Seems a bit antipatriotic to go against our traditional leadership, eh?

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  2. This particular comment (above) is packed with the truth that we see everyday in America …

    A good many Christians are uncomfortable with these measures, not because they don’t think children should learn about religion or pray, but because the teachings are not in line with what they teach at home and at their churches. (my emphasis)

    And why are they different? Because there are TONS of denominations and each one teaches a slightly different “gospel” — which is why the entire religious thing is so RIDICULOUS!! -IF- there is a “God”, wouldn’t the logical, sane, rational thing to do would be to ensure everyone saw things the same way? Even the BIBLE teaches “For God is not a God of confusion,”

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  3. Even Jesus knew it was bullshit, a scam; that’s why he told his followers to keep it in the closet (Mt 6:5-6)

    ~ When you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, who love to stand and pray in the synagogues and on street corners so that others may see them. Amen, I say to you, they have received their reward.

    But when you pray, go to your inner room, close the door, and pray to your Father in secret. And your Father who sees in secret will repay you. ~

    Keep it in the closet …

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  4. Well, I’m sorry; I’m making a judgy comment here.

    These people featured in this post can’t believe in God at all, or they’d be too frightened to say those things they say, especially out loud to people who can be led by the words. They certainly know what Jesus said about feeding his sheep, and about the woe that befalls people who mislead innocents.

    I’m not trying to push religion or proselytize with what I write. Geez Louise, though-do these wolves in sheep’s clothing think no one can read a freakin’ Bible?

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