And to anti-choice women: If it’s not YOUR uterus, you DON’T get a vote.


And to anti-choice women: If it’s not YOUR uterus, you DON’T get a vote.

12 thoughts on “And to anti-choice women: If it’s not YOUR uterus, you DON’T get a vote.

  1. I admit to having queasy views on abortion, but those are based on another male response to a woman’s unexpected pregnancy….’well can’t you get rid of it?’ and also the notion of it being another form of ‘birth control’ as a social feature, thus the twin pressures it should be a woman’s duty, an equally innocuous view- women always having to take ‘the hit’
    THAT said. At the end of the day it is the woman’s choice and right. The woman involved will not walk away from the procedure like it was simply like ‘dental work’, it is a very tough call for every woman.
    They all deserve our support, understanding and compassion, whatever their choice.

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    1. Hello Roger. Thank you for your comment. I can understand the feelings you express. And for a long time I heard / read the idea that abortion was being used by “those women as birth control” also. It always struck me as a weird way to do birth control, as the expense and time involved seemed to refute the expediency or laziness of the people involved. So I looked it up. I will put the two I added here at the end as some people will stop reading the rest of what I want to add rather than bother with the quotes.

      I wonder if some of the anti-abortion feeling is because some men see women as property or someone they get to control. And to get to that point, many use their religion as proof of that right. Plus a lot of parents see their children as their property to mold into mini clones of themselves, reacting badly when those children have different ideas or identities than the parents want them to display. I heard a short video the other day when a fundamentalist parent referred to their child as a house they had to build and furnish as they wanted the house to be. Someone replied that the house was already built when the child was born, and the parent’s job was to let the child discover the world / information safely that the child needed to furnish the house and turn the lights on in themselves.

      I was wondering your thoughts on that subject, both from a religious view point and as someone who raised children. Thanks. Hugs

      Women are using abortion as a method of birth
      In fact, half of all women getting abortions report that
      contraception was used during the month they became
      . Some of these couples had used the method
      improperly; some had forgotten or neglected to use it on the
      particular occasion they conceived; and some had used a
      contraceptive that failed. No contraceptive method prevents
      pregnancy 100% of the time.
      If abortion were used as a primary method of birth control, a
      typical woman would have at least two or three pregnancies
      per year — 30 or more during her lifetime.
      In fact, most women who have abortions have had no
      previous abortions (52%) or only one previous abortion

      The USA, a country with widespread access to the full range of modern methods of contraception, continues to have one of the highest abortion rates among developed countries. Forty-nine per cent of women reported ever experiencing an unintended pregnancy in 2001; 48% of these conceptions occurred during a month that contraception was used. We explored the extent to which people use contraception and abortion interchangeably to achieve their fertility goals via focus groups (n = 4) and semi-structured in-depth interviews (IDIs) (n = 18) with men and women between the ages of 18 and 35 in New York City in 2006. While there was a consensus that abortion cannot replace contraceptive use, poor couple communication, lack of planning, lack of acceptable contraceptive methods and the pleasures that people associate with having unprotected sex result in the perception that some individuals rely on abortion over contraception to prevent unintended births. Men and women both identified women as solely in charge of avoiding an unwanted pregnancy and resolving it should one occur. No one supported repeat abortions for themselves or others, and many respondents perceived multiple abortions to lead to infertility, which strengthens their position that substituting abortion for contraception is unacceptable.

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      1. Hi Scottie.
        I am against the idea that it is up to the woman not to get preganst. That is a response of a weak fellow or an indoctrinated woman. It is a joint role. It is up to the man to support the woman who has a life cycle many a man could not cope with.
        The fact that the majoriry of contrceptions fall upon the women is simply not good enough. It is nothing short of the continued downgrading of women’s welfare.
        We need a lot more research into male contaception and maning up to accept that.
        If males cannot accept women as equals then they are not true men.
        And when it comes to abortion the woman involved needs all the support and compassion. I know as a witness. No woman walks away from one without her own memories and reflections.
        The man should be made to be there with the woman.
        I’ll stop now Scottie I could go on and on.

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  2. AHHHHH-MEN Scottie!!! Not that I want “men” in the discussion AFTER the fact!!! This is all SO EASY to rectify, the PROBLEM is not the women! The problem is 50% (or much more?) the dick-heads sticking their dicks somewhere they DO NOT BELONG with out forethought and protection. Period, period, PERIOD… end of debate!!!

    But women CAN do immediate contraceptive procedures the following THREE days (or more) after free-for-all intercourse!!!

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    1. Hello Professor. Really glad to hear from you, hope you are doing well. I agree with your assessment of the situation. I personally think a lot of the problem of abortion comes from far too many people thinking it is their right / duty to monitor and control / give approval about other people’s personal habits, sexual activities, medical decisions, and the way they live their lives. These people are the Gladys Kravitz we are forced to deal with, always with their noses pressed to others windows and complaining about what the neighbors are doing. Seriously what the US needs is for a lot of people to mind their own business in my opinion. Unless I am involved in what is going on involving fully consenting adults, it really is something that I do not have a say over nor should even be concerned about. Just as I get to make medical, personal, sexual decisions about my own body as I wish, women have the same right. IMO. Best wishes and hugs.

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      1. My dearest new (female) friend—her alias on my latest blog-post is “Hat Burglar” and Lenora in the ‘story,’ wisely told me this about those sorts of self-righteous-with-a-God-complex people you described. She said,

        If others are having way too much fun and happiness in their lives than THEY are, then their God-complex demands them to stop those happier people at all costs!

        Couldn’t agree more with Hat-Burglar! 😉

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