This is my America

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    1. Hello Roger. I am not so sure that the republican maga religious right would think so. I went into the military as a poor confused kid and served my tour, then went home to more abuse, so joined another branch of the military to find a way to live without being abused. I did that. And I am proud of my timeserving the country I thought we were building then, a progressive country wanting to help the people and accepting of those different from the cis heterosexuals that had ruled so long. I was so happy to be able to be openly gay, and then an open gay person in a same-sex marriage. In 2015 I felt the US had turned a corner into the new world.

      Then in 2016 somehow the country felt a woman who had given her life to serving the people couldn’t be trusted with the presidency and gave it to a thug mobster affiliated fraud. As my spouse had worked for him I already knew what a mob affiliated crook racist anti-gay anti-trans asshole he was. That leads to today where I live in a state I moved to in because it was so progressive that now threatens even the mention of people like me in public. Florida is rapidly trying to become Russia as fast as possible. The maga want a complete white straight Christian ethnostate.

      So I try through this blog to fight back. I am grateful that readers like you are supportive of that effort. We need to fight back somehow, but now I am old and with much less income than in my youth. Hugs

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      1. I thought of the USA for a long time as my adopted second nation despite the usual collection of flaws.
        These days I feel she is lost to me and I blame those traitors and hysterics who have spat on the Constituion. They are traitors Scottie make no mistake. It’s the UNITED States dammit.
        No nation bred on democratic system can survive by opression.
        It is the good folk like you who are truly fighting for the USA . You’ve paid your dues several times over. You have earned your right to live your life as you wish.
        You keep on keeping on Scottie.
        God Bless You.

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      1. Hello Jill and Ali. Thank you, but in truth I don’t feel I do anything special or more than anyone else fighting for the real meaning and good of our country, the inclusion of everyone regardless of religion, sexual orientation, gender identification, ethnicity, immigration status, or anything else which harms no one yet strengthens all of us as a country. Think of the reasons our ancestors came to this country and that is why the new people come.

        Ron watched a show yesterday where a guy just drove through a bunch of Texas towns. It was mostly older people. The homes were in severe decay and there were no stores. There was no work and the income of most people was less than 20 grand, in most of the towns it was half of that. These communities wanted the young immigrants that were coming to the border willing to work and create a community to come to where these people lived. It would reinvigorate the area, and there was plenty of open land. Yet Texas government is trying not only to prevent that but ordering the police to find and stop such aid? I wonder why? Is it racism? Is it politics? Hugs

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        1. It’s all of the above, Scottie. Racism, fear of ‘other’, politics, religion … take your pick. You and I do what we do in hopes of helping people to understand, helping them to see how very wrong it is to judge another person based on anything other than their actions. Do we make a difference? I don’t know … most days it doesn’t feel like it, feels rather like we’re spitting in the wind, but every now and then a reader tells me that I’ve helped him to understand something better, or made him stop and think about things differently, and then I think that … yeah, we may not be changing the world, but maybe we’re making a small dent in the bigotry that is destroying it. Hugs

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    1. Hello Jill. I love it also. I hope all is well for you and your family. Our outside cat we adopted is getting more use to coming in at night which he seems to enjoy as he has food and a warm bed with occasional petting at night, however he was originally spotting out of his butt. He has had a trauma / damage to his back end that seems to effected his insides causing him to walk weird, hold his tail weird, and his stool is a rock, round cannonball. When we took him to the vet they said he had worms, but the medication they gave us fixed that, and we give it to him each month. Yet for the first time he spent the night outside a couple of days ago and now is spotting again. We don’t know why. The medication is to last over a month and we give it to him each month. But now we are trying to get his feral friend who tries to keep him outside in, because we have videoed two coyotes on our backyard security cameras searching through our backyard. But it may not be possible to get the feral cat to accept coming in. We have started to leave the door to our family room open with a food dish just a cat length inside, he will come in a grab a mouthful and bolt outside. Problem is the neighbors also feed him so he is not dependent on our food if we push too hard. Any ideas? Best wishes and warmest hugs. Scottie

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      1. Oh my! Well … my only idea is that age-old temptation, catnip! Maybe if you buy a couple of catnip plants and place them near the door, then graduate to putting some crushed catnip just outside the door? I wish I had better ideas, and I hope he will stay safe from the coyotes! I suspect if there are any trees, he will be up a tree before the coyotes can get near him, but … I just don’t know. Keep me posted on that situation, please! You know I love all the critters … even our ornery Tiger Lily! Hugs

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