A little while ago hurt myself bad

While watching the morning Sunday broadcast shows I was helping Ron deal with getting Sunday breakfast together.   Ron likes to do a big breakfast on Sunday morning, but as we age it has shrank in size but not in stuff.   As we were getting stuff out of the bottom freezer drawer Ron was on one side I was on the other.   After getting stuff out I was holding a couple things in my hands so I lowered down and stretched out to place them on Ron’s side of the large drawer to better even things out in the freezer.   As I was putting the first of the things down I got a horrible stabbing pain in my middle back and then the muscles contracted adding more pain.  I gave a gasp and cried out.   I dropped the things in my hands and partially stood up, turned and leaned up against the nearby door frame and just tried to breathe.  My right leg from the calf down went numb.   Ron rushed over to me but the damage was done.   I was in trouble.   I shuffled to my desk, took more medications, sitting was very painful, but standing was also very painful each time I tried.  I am not going to be able to help Ron with breakfast as we planned.  Just that damned quick a mistake, an action without thinking has seriously impacted me this morning.   

A time later.  Ron made a great breakfast of hashbrowns and an egg scramble with mushrooms, tri-colored peppers, and bacon.  Normally we have ham steak and maybe sausage with breakfast but after I hurt myself Ron declared we did not have those things and did not need them.    Plus we had toast.   I ate until I was a bit overfull.   I won’t be able to help him clean up like I normally do and when the current show “Face the Nation” is over I am going to bed for a long while to release my back.  I took extra medication when it happened and that plus the food is making me very tired.   I hope when I get up, I can get to some comments.   If you don’t hear from me, you know I was not able to do so.  My right foot still is screaming with the stinging numbness feeling.   Hugs for everyone.