Fox’s Flaming Fir



Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace surprised viewers and many of his colleagues yesterday by announcing that this would be his last show and he was leaving the network, effective immediately. Shortly after, CNN announced the hiring of Wallace to be an anchor on their upcoming streaming service, CNN Plus.

Wallace turned down a contract extension with a pay raise to jump ship to an actual news network.

Fox News is losing actual news journalists. Brett Bair is probably the only prominent one who remains at the network. Shepard Smith left for CNBC in 2019. Kristin Fisher is another who recently left. Now, goodbye, Chris Wallace, who may have been the network’s best journalist.

Fox News has used Wallace as proof they’re an actual news source while firing Chris Stirewalt two months after he called Arizona for President Biden (which made a huge part of their base leave temporarily for…

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2 thoughts on “Fox’s Flaming Fir

  1. Hi Scottie;
    Looked like a fire hazard to me. Was that tree adequately prepared with fire suppression and hazard warnings? Seems the way it went up that it must have been quite ignored. I wonder if Faux is on the line for their negligence?

    Yep. Went there.


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    1. Hello Randy. It was a spectacular fire wasn’t it. Thing is it was just a hollow stand they hung fake greenery on to put decorations one. The entire thing was fake, just like Fox News. Yet now they are saying it was worth $500,000. Hugs


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