Breyer Retires



President Joe Biden gets a Supreme Court pick and there’s very little Republicans can do to stop it. Justice Stephen Breyer is retiring and he’s picked the right time to do it because by this time next year, Republicans may control the Senate again, and despite there being two years left in President Biden’s term, yeah.

Even though it would be unprecedented for a Senate majority to refuse to hold hearings and a vote for a SCOTUS nomination for two years, Mitch McConnell and his ilk of sleazy Republicans have established a precedent of being lying thieving snakes. My apologies to snakes.

Donald Trump got three Supreme Court picks. He shouldn’t have gotten one. This is a man who shouldn’t be allowed to make his own choices from Shoney’s Big Boy menu, but he gets three picks for lifetime Supreme Court appointments. That’s just not right. Why should Vladimir Putin…

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