Mar-a-Lago Confetti Shower



When the House committee investigating the January 6 white nationalist terrorist attack on the Capitol won its legal case to gain access to documents from the Trump administration, it was discovered that a lot of those documents had been taped back together.

Presidential historian Lindsay Chervinsky told The Washington Post, “The only way that a president can really be held accountable long term is to preserve a record about who said what, who did what, what policies were encouraged or adopted, and that is such an important part of the long-term scope of accountability, beyond just elections and campaigns.” So naturally, with Trump being Trump, he doesn’t want to be held accountable for anything. What other reasons would someone have for destroying documents unless that person is concealing something?

When you are in government service and you start destroying documents, those documents immediately become evidence because you’re breaking the law…

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5 thoughts on “Mar-a-Lago Confetti Shower

  1. Is anyone surprised?

    Beyond the fact that he was “hiding” stuff, this goon never did understand or respect his position in GOVERNMENT. To him, it was just another opportunity to do what he’s always done … look out for #1 and screw everyone else.

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    1. Hello Nan. Today has been a stunning day for news about tRump. He had not only stolen stuff from the White House, some of those documents were classified with reports saying they were marked top secret. He wouldn’t let staff keep logs of his calls or his movements on Jan 6th and there are suspicious gaps in the records before that. I think he planned to auction off the items he stole to his cult followers. But the real news today is his inciting comments on Justin Trudeau.

      Trump calls Justin Trudeau a ‘far-left lunatic’ as trucker-led COVID-19 vaccine protests continue in Canada

      “The Freedom Convoy is peacefully protesting the harsh policies of far-left lunatic Justin Trudeau, who has destroyed Canada with insane COVID mandates,” said Trump in a statement. He did not comment on reports that Freedom Convoy members had been arrested for causing mischief to property, carrying a weapon to a public meeting, and issuing threats on social media while in Ottawa.

      I heard a guy say today that because this is being supported by US people giving money to companies based in the US and with online sport coming from US people including tRump Canada could consider this an attack on their country by the US. If Russia propagandized a movement like this in the US and Russian people were funding it through Russian companies and churches and Russian leaders were calling for Biden to be replaced while claiming he had gone crazy how would the US feel about that? Would we feel attacked by Russia?

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        1. Oh yes the media. Do you think journalists and media companies have a responsibility to report the truth as best they can? I posted a cartoon where the interviewer had an expert and a nut on and claimed that there was no way to say which side was correct. I hate when on the Sunday shows the host will both sides do it when it is clear that both sides are not equally guilt of some acts.


          1. I would say yes to your question about journalists and media. But I would qualify that with it depends on the “flavor” of the media and who the journalist reports to. One person’s truth if often another’s person’s lie.

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