Evidence Grows In Florida GOP Voter Registration Scam

Miami’s ABC News affiliate reports:

Miami-Dade Elections Department 2021-22 records show more than 5,000 registered Democrats switched their party affiliation to Republican. The increase comes just as more victims of third-party registrations are coming forward to report that their voter registration was altered without their permission.

All of the victims were older than 65 years old, live in Miami-Dade County, and all of them were outraged when they learned they were registered as Republicans. “People are being taken advantage of,” Sen. Annette Taddeo said. “Lots of these people don’t speak English or are elderly.”

The Miami Herald reports:

Sometime in early December, Juan A. Salazar, a 77-year-old Dominican living in Little Havana, exited the elevator of his building tower in his electric wheelchair to get some fresh air in the parking lot out front, as he usually does.

But he recalls that on that particular day, a group of three canvassers wearing red caps and t-shirts that said “Republican Party of Florida” approached him.

According to Salazar, the three workers asked him if he wanted to fill out an application to get his new voter ID card. He told the canvassers there was no need — he knew he got one automatically in the mail before every general election. But the canvassers insisted. “You will get it faster,” Salazar recalled them saying.

15 thoughts on “Evidence Grows In Florida GOP Voter Registration Scam

  1. And nothing will happen in 3, 2, 1…

    I’m so tired of the absolute impunity that the right has for their actions. Wearing us down until we don’t care anymore is their intent, of course, but their relentless childishness really does make it difficult to stay engaged.

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      1. Hello Nan. Yes it seems they can get away with crap in areas where they are in charge. But think how much more they would get away with if tRump had won. If the Democrats do not fight and learn to win the crimes and anti-normal acts of the Republicans will get much worse until we are a fully banana republic. But I have to admit I listened to Speaker Pelosi on Theis Week news show and I was horrified. She was so bad. So weak and stammering. At one point her voice trailed off and up to a squeak. I called her a mouse whose tail was stepped on.

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          1. Nan our hold on power is so think and shaky that any lose hurts badly. When I mentioned to Ron how bad it was she was running again he said well maybe it was because she was important as speaker. My reply was we did not have other Democrats that could be speaker? Maybe someone who has been waiting for 20 years or more to move into leadership. She is in a safe district. If she leaves another Democrats will have the seat. But that Democrat will be younger. Ron reminded me he is 68 and I reminded him he is not only not running for office but telling me the house construction is harder for him than it was even five years ago.

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    1. Hello Czippie L’Shimpe. I agree, but it also enrages some of us. I am sick and tired of the blatant lies and outright made up crap the misleading right wing puts out. I make it a joyful duty to knock them down a peg or two on their own web sites. Of course they try to get my comments kicked off, but enough see them to have an effect.


  2. I don’t see what they gain from this. I can vote for whoever I want with or without declaring a party affiliation. Are Florida voters required to vote for the candidate who matches their party affiliation?

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    1. Hello MDavis. Welcome back. Yes it matters in Florida. First Florida is a closed primary so you can only vote in the primary of the party you are registered in. Then you get to vote in the general for the two candidates. So if you want to vote for your preferred candidate in the primary you need to be correctly registered. And the Republicans in Florida have managed to stop same day registration at the polling place. So even if you stand in line and when you get to the check in you find you are not registered anymore or have been switched parties you cannot register nor switch your party back.

      To make it worse for disabled persons like myself I once went to vote in my assigned voting early voting place in a poorer multicultural area and the line was far too long for me to stand. I did not have my walker because I was used to voting in my normal mostly white voting place which was very well equipped and staffed so had no real wait time. As I was in distress, I was not offered the chance to move to the front of the line as is required by law, which I assume was the standard way of discouraging votes in that situation. (** in my own voting area when I walk in with my walker I am asked if I want them to mark on my voting record needs special assistance, Which I decline because my wait has only every been a few minutes. Again, a mostly white area** ) So even though I did not get directed to any help by the official polling workers, a person seeing my inability to keep standing suggested I request them to set me up with a mail in ballot which at that time was legal to do, but now has been made illegal by the Republicans. So had that election happened now I wouldn’t have been able to stand in the line and was not told I could go to the head of the line which is shitty to do anyway, and now cannot even get a mail in ballot. I wouldn’t have been able to vote. I admit back then I did not know my voting rights but still the people running the place clearly did not want those people voting. How much worse must it be now?

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      1. In case I was unclear the request for a mail in ballot they check your registration and hand you the ballot and envelope right then. When I did that as my spouse was trying to help me stand up they grudgingly did it. We went home and voted. But I never forgot how different the experience was. It was jarring. I am used to large parking areas, just walking right in and having at most a few people in line, then having a room with so many stations there was no real wait the only delay was checking the voter roll and signing. Then for me someone walking me to a chair to vote. Then helping me put it into the machine. In and out in my area. When I went to the early voting first the parking area was down the street, Ron dropped me off and came and got me, in that area the line was out of the building and down the parking lot. I was told they had ten voting machines in total. I cannot say if they had any sit down area like I use because I never got in. Here in Florida, I can say there is a huge voter discrepancy between the majority white areas and the diverse or majority black areas as far as voting equipment and staff goes.

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        1. Those limitations are not surprising any more.
          It seems as though this voter registration switching could work against the GQP if those switched know about it and get to vote for the weakest GQP candidate in the primary.
          As long as they can vote for whoever they want in the general. You know, if they can overcome the other obstacles.

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    1. Hello Randy. Brother what you say is so true. What was it Billy Jack said? “When policemen break the law, then there isn’t any law – just a fight for survival.” – Billy Jack – Tom Laughlin.


    1. Hello Annie. There was a meme going around last year that said “It is OK to do it if your Republican” and others that read ” Only illegal if your a Democrat”. I think that sums up how people were seeing things work out. I admit I am frustrated at the slow pace of the DOJ in investigating and bringing charges against those actions done in the open by the tRump squad that were clearly illegal. It has happened again with the destruction of records, yet most legal analysis I hear say that there is almost no chance that tRump will face any punishment for it. So again he gets away with doing something wrong or illegal simply by being so openly brazen about it.

      Another thing I was thinking dealing with this situation. The Republicans have tried to stop every attempt to really help people to the polls or to help people get their votes mailed or taken to the drop off places. The Republicans really are about projection, if they claim the other side is doing an illegal act, you know they are doing it.

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