The Daily Beast reports:

The financier famed for bankrolling some of Steve Bannon’s best-known ventures, as well as the far-right strategist’s jet-setting lifestyle, is in deep trouble for steering a $28 million yacht—the same boat where federal agents arrested Bannon in 2020—out of American waters.

A New York judge slapped Guo Wengui, who also uses the aliases Kwok Ho Wan and Miles Guo, with $134 million in contempt of court fines on Wednesday for violating multiple restraining orders barring him from selling or relocating the boat or any other property he controls.

The high price tag results from nearly a year of the fugitive Chinese national defying the court’s order that he return the craft to a U.S. port—an order that carried a daily forfeiture of $500,000.

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The yacht is being sought as an asset to cover unpaid loans allegedly owed to a Hong Kong investment firm.

Wengui is also the chief financial backer of the social media platform GETTR.

Several years ago he and Bannon flew banner planes around Manhattan which declared them to be the Chinese government in exile.

Wengui presently lives in a $68 million Manhattan penthouse.

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  1. As my boss the lawyer used to say, “There is nothing to be done, it is the order of the court. Pay the fine, or go to jail.” I’ve seen people picked up because they thought a contempt citation was just another legal pleading, and ignored it. I’d sure like to see quick enforcement if the order isn’t obeyed timely.

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    1. Hello Ali. What bothers me is something others pointed out. The tRump people seem able to get a way with stuff others get jailed for. During tRump’s administration the DOJ refused to enforce the House subpoenas, making them less than worthless then and now seemingly negotiable. Yet the public cannot do that which shows again we have two different justice systems in the US, the connected and powerful who can scoff at laws, and the rest of us in fear of a militarily armed aggressive police force acting as an occupying army for the wealthy and powerful.

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      1. I agree; it’s taking forever, and it seems they’re getting away with it. I hope that’s not the case, finally! There is so much wrong they’ve done.

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        1. One thing I learned yesterday is Bill Barr made it so no head of the justice department can charge or prosecute tRump for the obstructions in the Mueller report. Frustrating but because we are a country of laws we have to follow them even when the others are stacking the deck against the truth.

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