Gazpacho Police



I knew there was going to be a lot of Soup Nazi jokes after Marjorie Taylor Greene had a flub and said “gazpacho” instead of “Gestapo” in one of her bewildering brain-dead yee-haw rants. But then I thought that it’ll be OK to use Soup Nazi in a cartoon, despite all the memes and possibly other cartoons because everyone else would miss the context.

Hell, even while reading this cartoon, people will miss the context. What am I talking about? I’m glad you asked because I’m going to tell you what I’m talking about.

Stupid congressthing Marjorie Taylor Greene accused the January 6 Committee of going after political targets when they are in fact, going after people who tried to destroy our nation, overturn an election, and install a racist orange fascist puppet who lost an election as our dictator-in-chief. Simultaneously, she accused House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of having secret…

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2 thoughts on “Gazpacho Police

  1. Hi Scottie;
    I think I’ve made this comment before, but I can’t help but to feel there are a certain few in Washington who fill the role of “Idiot Lightening Rod” for the others. What I keep stumbling over is the question if they do it on purpose or if the others just wait around to see which one steps up. I mean, I bet that is part of the campaign process. “I will be your f’ing moron in public so you can steal the place blind while everyone is watching me” – or something like that.

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    1. Hello Brother. Yes I agree. But I don’t think there is that much thought behind the Gohmert’s and the Marge Greene’s. They simply are idiots that crave the limelight and think they are as smart and deserving as the real lawmakers. When they need a bounce or a fundraising boost they just run their mouth on what they think is the current outrage of the base, know the more outrageous the better for them. In Greene’s case she is a professional troll. She enjoys the insulting of anyone that she dislikes. She is better suited to being on social media than the House. Thing is she thinks she is equal to and better than AOC. AOC puts in the effort, she talks to her constituents, she works with co-workers and Greene doesn’t do any of that. Greene goes on right wing media.


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