5 thoughts on “Most Americans have come out ahead economically in the pandemic, despite inflation

    1. Hello Polly. I think you are saying you disagree with the article? What part did you find unbelievable? I looked through the numbers, and I find that the authors spent far too much time showing how the upper class did better and those at the very bottom also but spent very little time on the section of people hurting in the lower income but not extremely poor.

      To be sure, overall averages conceal the significant chunk of Americans, neither rich nor poor, who have lost ground to inflation in recent months. “There is a missing middle,” Dube says.


  1. The problem with all this talk about inflation is that most people have no clue on what causes it. All they know is what is coming out of their pocketbooks — which is understandable.

    But then they ignore the news about how well the economy is doing — primarily because they don’t understand the difference.

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    1. Hello Nan. Yes and people could see the supply chain issue when the country first came back online. But now they say that should be fixed so why are the prices still going up? That is directly related to price gouging and profit taking. Greed. But people don’t see greed marked on their grocery bill they only see everything they buy is costing them more. I have to say it is deliberate to hide the over pricing for profit and the truth is these companies know you have to buy it so they will keep raising it. The thing that pisses me off is that while milk prices are soaring farmers are being forced to dump their milk down the drain to keep prices high. The companies won’t come pick up the milk so the farmer doesn’t have a choice and he lose money. He is working to produce milk he has to throw away, and has the costs with no profit. The milk companies are making record profits. But these stories are not in the mainstream media which is owned by corperations.

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