New Ad Hits DeSantis On “Don’t Say Gay” Bill [VIDEO]

Florida Politics reports:

Equality Florida is launching a new, two-part ad campaign to address GOP legislative priorities the group says target — and could potentially harm — marginalized students, including those within the LGBTQ community.

One proposal (SB 1834, HB 1557), dubbed by critics as the “don’t say gay” bill, would closely regulate LGBTQ instruction in the classroom and conversations with younger students.

The other legislation targeted by the ad campaign is SB 148 and HB 7, referred to proponents as an “Individual Freedom” bill, seeks to ban required discussions and lessons in classrooms and workplaces of subjects Republicans contend are meant to “indoctrinate” cultural guilt in students and employees.

From Equality Florida:

“Not since the days of Anita Bryant have we seen such craven attempts by a leader to build political power by targeting and demonizing LGBTQ people,” said Nadine Smith, Equality Florida Executive Director.

“Governor DeSantis is pushing legislation to curb free speech, propagandize school curriculums, and monitor classroom conversations, private workplaces, and doctor’s offices — all in order to outflank Donald Trump to the right and build an onramp to run for President in 2024. As a parent of a 10 year-old, these bills fail to protect my child and our family. It is a tool for the state to censor and that encourages lawsuits against schools as a means of intimidation.”

The Don’t Say Gay bill (HB1557/SB1834) and the Stop WOKE Act (HB7/SB148) are being fastracked through the legislature, despite overwhelming opposition from the state’s largest parents group, the PTA; child welfare and medical experts; and from educators who warn of the chilling effect and chaotic implications of the broadly written bills.

Each bill would censor speech in classrooms across the state, effectively erasing large swaths of American history and society. While designed to fuel the governor’s political ambitions, both bills have profound impacts on LGBTQ people.


3 thoughts on “New Ad Hits DeSantis On “Don’t Say Gay” Bill [VIDEO]

  1. Hi Scottie and all;
    Some time back I learned in a very nice history course about the industrial revolution, child labor laws, and how public schools then came to be necessary for education, socialization and babysitting . And, if we recall our very recent history, the biggest road block to parents working and making all sorts of widgets for the consumption of our dear economy was the schools being closed. In fact, I recall numerous bellows about how the kids being home was disastrous to their welfare. Isn’t that the best place to develop their social and moral needs?
    I think what it comes down to is that too many parents conflate morality and reality, but have their heads up their butts about both. Having a teacher tell a student in however many words that ‘some boys like boys and some girls like girls and some go for both and that it is ok’ is not a breakdown of morality but a simple fact of reality. It is part of our everyday life that we see in one’s thoughts and dreams, in society, on tv/movies, where ever. And, if parents want to restrict their children from that reality, that is their business I guess – not very caring in my opinion, but their business. But, to decide that such a thing doesn’t exist or is horribly wrong by pretending it doesn’t exist, or going further to actively work against that reality by seeking to demand that homosexuality never exist is paramount to CHOOSING to destroy the natural expression of a child’s development. The State has no right to make that demand.
    For those that somehow manage to believe that allowing kids to be around same-sex relationships will “turn them gay” implies it is a simple choice. If that is the case, then the choice is simple to reverse when the kid chooses to. So what’s the problem? Further if those people say it becomes a permanent position of the child, then I want to know why all the kids don’t “turn gay”?
    For the far right and the sycophants that love them, having a second-class citizen seems a necessity in life. If it isn’t the so called Black person, Native American, Irish-, Jew-, Catholic-, Mexican or whatever seems to be the hated of the day they seem to get all nervous. Weird thing is, they call themselves “Christian” and yet can’t manage to handle the Word of their Savior to “Love Thy Neighbor”.

    There were a lot of us growing up that couldn’t be the gay kid, the kid that fell for the different race kid, whatever – and here we are as adults. I guess denial isn’t perfect.


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    1. Hello Randy. Another well thought out comment. Great job. Yes the right wing is desperate to make sexuality about choice. Most of them claim they are religious and their god wouldn’t create gay kids, just wouldn’t do it. Put a kid in the wrong gender nope. Oh and a woman getting pregnant must have wanted sex, lots of sex, she was a slut despite her being forced against her will. It is because they do not feel that or like it so it must be a choice.

      I just read a news article where two teen boys get into an argument. One white, one black. The white boy is the aggressor. They fight the black boy gets knocked down. The police get there and the black boy goes to get up. The officer pushes him back to the ground rolls him over on his stomach and cuffs him. The other officer takes the white boy to a couch and sits him down then returns to the first officer to help finish cuffing the black boy. The white boy was just left sitting on the couch unwatched and the black boy was roughly cuffed and held by two officers. But no prejudice. Right.

      On kids in schools you are correct there is a great mental disconnect between the idea of what home is and should be with reality for the country. The right loves to talk about family time. What family time when people are working 60 hours or more a week or working three jobs. Then spending the rest of your time getting needed supplies, cooking, cleaning and other tasks. Plus there is no money for vacation. The right sees the police as desperately needed but teachers as just glorified babysitters, that is a huge problem. Cops get paid far better than teachers, cops get far more funding. No one argues when cops demand things, but teachers are also in a dangerous job now. The attacks on teachers comes from parents, politicians, kids, bussed in people, and randos on the street. Teachers qualifications seem to count for nothing and several states are using police and anyone they can get to stay in the classroom. So it is not about teaching or imparting information. It is about having a safer place to park the kids bodies so the parent can go make a profit for the business owner or corporation.

      Just watching on TYT that a school in Indiana is letting parents opt their kids out of black history month. What next opt out of math? Opt out of English. Seems this started with sex education classes, then went to biology, then to geology (all these due to religion. Sex is bad except when the male wants / does it, biology teaches evolution, and the earth has no geology as it is only 6,000 years old.) Again it is not about education it is about freeing the parent from having to watch or unteach the kid the truth to instill religious propaganda.

      You have a great day at work. I ended up going to bed before 6PM. Not sure what is going on. Ron reminds me that along with my body / health issues making me tired I also take a lot of medications that causes drowsiness. Let’s catch up this weekend.

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