Bully Cop Violently Assaults Black College Student

Purdue Univesity cop John Selke brutally assaulted Purdue junior Adonis Tuggle after a bystander called police to break up an argument Tuggle was having with his girlfriend, who recorded Officer Selke assaulting Tuggle. Purdue PD is refusing to release bodycam footage and claims that Officer

3 thoughts on “Bully Cop Violently Assaults Black College Student

    1. Hello Nan. Wait until you watch the video I posted this morning on the two kids, a black 14 year old smaller boy and a bigger highschooler white boy. The white boy was the aggressor and known bully. The police charge in and rough up the black boy who was on the ground (give the smaller kid credit he was doing ok for such a weight and size mismatch and if the couch had not been in the way might not ended up on the ground) While ignoring the white boy. The cuff the black boy while kneeling on his neck. The must know they are being filmed but they are openly racist. Yes the cops are white. You don’t need CC to see the fight and the way the police acted. This video does have CC, there were a couple I did not use as they did not have it. I wish there was a way these things could all have it.

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      1. I haven’t gotten to that post as yet …

        As for the CC — I really appreciate you searching for videos that have it. Sometimes the speakers are clear enough that I don’t need it, but it’s rare. Besides, I have a hunch I’m not the only one that appreciates your efforts (Jill, for one).

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