Cops ABUSE Black Teen As White Bully Goes Unharmed

What gets me is that cops know by now they are being filmed and it still doesn’t stop their racism and abuse.

2 thoughts on “Cops ABUSE Black Teen As White Bully Goes Unharmed

  1. You know, watching this again, I noticed that the Black kid was ON THE GROUND being pounded by the White kid when the police showed up. But to no one’s surprise, they pulled off the white kid, then dragged the black kid to the side so they could SIT on him!

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    1. Hello Nan. That is what everyone said, there was no reason to pile on the black kid. He was smaller and he was on the ground with the white kid hitting him. But the female cop pushes the bigger white kid to the couch and joins the male cop who is on top of the black kid cuffing him. The female cop puts her knee on the black boy’s neck. The two cops ignore the bigger white boy who started it and was on top of the black boy when they arrived. That is why it clearly was racism. Plus, they kept the black boy in cuffs for 30 minutes. Why? Because of the mentality that if they are black they are at fault and wrong. I do not remember the police I worked with being this racist. Bigots yes towards hippies and those who were different, but never out right racists. In fact maybe because it was Vermont I only knew on die hard racist family, but they were so backwards you just expected it from them. 9 kids and poor as shit and convinced they were kings of the world types. People in the town gave them hunting licenses so they could tag the extra deer they shot because it was how they fed themselves. Only people I knew who at squirrel. The mother was about four foot four and the father was six foot four. I was never sure if they were family before they were married.

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