4 thoughts on “Marco Rubio FALLS ON HIS FACE over simple Trump question he CAN’T answer

  1. Scottie … I can’t help it … I LOVE this guy! In my mind, he’s SO FAR superior to some of those “aw shucks” guys that want to share their outlook on the world of politics.

    But. To each his own.

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    1. Hello Nan. It is OK, in fact I am glad I post someone you can watch and enjoy. I have people I love their content but cannot stand their voice or their look. Even those I normally like sometimes annoy me if they get trying to be cutsie.

      I really want my blog / site to be a place people come for fun, for news, and maybe some day for community. So as long as I post something you enjoy I am happy. Just got home. Went with Ron to Lowes to get four sheets of texture 111 board. Price of lumber is crazy. The plywood we normally use is not $50 dollars a sheet. The stuff he chose is only $29 a sheet. It is a small savings, but it is some. Ron is finishing off the newly enclosed carport he built, to move my office out there as James is moving back home. When he wanted to build it, he had no idea how important it would be come. Now he is insulating it and finishing it off, shelving it, running the proper electricity for all my gear. It is a big job that needs to be done quickly.


      1. Yes, my other-half has needed lumber for a couple of his projects and says it has really sky-rocketed!

        One of these days you’ll have to tell me the story of James (if you already have, forgive me for my loss of memory. I’m old.)

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